About Us

Company Overview & About Us

Maverick BankCard, Inc. is a leading merchant account provider, with its headquarters in Agoura Hills, California specializing in high risk merchant services.  Established in 2000, Maverick has provided merchant account and secure processing services for thousands of customers.

Maverick specializes in high risk credit card processing and customized end-to-end payment solutions for your new or existing business.  Everything you need – from the merchant account through equipment and processing – all available from a single source.  We approve 98% of all applications for all types of merchants & online businesses.

Maverick has direct relationships with numerous banks and processors around the world – the cornerstone of competitive trouble free processing for our customers.  We are experts in leveraging our extensive bank and processing network, so that we can pass along the best rates and payment solutions to you.  We are committed to building a personalized business relationship based on professionalism and impeccable customer service – Our goal is to be your payments provider for life.

With 14 years experience processing 80,000 customers, Maverick understands the card processing industry better than anyone.

No matter what your business:  Go MaverickA Better Way To Get Paid

Our Customers Enjoy These Benefits…


Our customer service is available 24/7. We offer fail-over services to merchants with existing accounts, which includes backup processor pre-approvals and ancillary product support services.


State-of-the-art equipment and upgradable software provides long-term viability, optimal transaction speed and crediting


Compact countertop terminals, virtual terminals, mobile and wireless devices, and customer management software are available for all types of businesses


Justifiably affordable • Flexible terms – We don’t risk a long-term relationship for a short-term gain!


PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant devices, mCommerce and hosted customer management solutions make it easy for businesses to be compliant without technical complexity, added expense and worry

Hear What Our Customers Say…

Like any smart consumer, you will want to know what others are saying about goods or services you are looking to buy. In the world of merchant services, a merchant account is one of the most vital part of running a profitable and long term business. A merchant account is the link between your company’s revenue from card processing and to your business’s bank account. With a reputable merchant account provider, you will never worry about your merchant account having any issues. Especially in the world of high-risk and international processing, a honest and reputable processor can be the difference of a thriving or a failing business. If your provider doesn’t understand your business type whether it experiences high chargebacks, high processing volumes, high average transactions, or is labeled as “high risk” due to the products being sold, you can run your business right into the ground. Maverick doesn’t only have more then 14 years of experience in payment processing but also works direct with most of the well-known and reputable acquirers from the United States to Europe. Listen to what Maverick’s customers are saying…

Other Industries Served

Maverick BankCard specializes as a High-Risk Merchant Account Provider primarily for Internet based eCommerce companies, but we also serve Retail, Wholesale, Professional Services, Restaurant, Grocery, Wireless, Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO), and Mobile Card Swipe. Whether you are low or high-risk, Maverick has you covered!