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Mobile Solutions


ROAM Data / ROAMpay

ROAM Data ROAMpay provides Wireless Terminals that work in tandem with a Maverick BankCard Merchant Account. ROAMpay terminals are a Credit Card Processing & Payments solution for mobile merchants such as general contractors, plumbers, electricians, direct sellers, trade shows, flea markets, caterers, taxi-limo and more.  ROAMpay converts cell phones into secure POS terminals, enabling merchants to quickly and securely process electronic transactions on their mobile phone, regardless of location.  By using ROAM’s optional magnetic stripe card reader, merchants qualify for the best mCommerce merchant rates available. Learn more about our ROAMpay solution…



Innerfence Credit Card Terminal for iPhone and iPad

Credit Card Terminal lets you charge credit cards on your iPhone or iPad with an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. Deal with declined cards on-site as services are rendered. Optional card swipe reader accessory for iPhone and iPod touch makes charges easy.



Authorize.Net Mobile Application is a free application, which allows you to securely accept payments anywhere using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The mobile application is designed to help increase your sales by providing an easy way to accept payments on the go using your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account.


The mobile app is ideal for anybody who sells products at outdoor markets and trade shows, or provides on-site services, such as repairmen, dog walkers or landscapers. The app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or iTunes.


The Authorize.Net Mobile Application provides several benefits:

  • Multiple Payment Types — Process real-time credit and signature debit transactions from major payment networks (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Secure Access — Integrated with the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface — use your existing credentials to access the app and validate the legitimacy of a specific device from within the Merchant Interface itself
  • Flexible Settings — Set up a default tax rate, accept tips and gather shipping information when necessary
  • AVS Support — Enter customer billing information to use the Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • History — Review transaction history (processed or pending) and perform voids and refunds
  • Email Receipt — Your customers can receive a transaction receipt by email
  • Free Support — Continue to receive Authorize.Net’s award-winning customer support for the mobile app through its online support center, eTicket, email, chat and phone



ExaDigm XD2000 Point-of-Sale Terminal

The XD2000 from ExaDigm is the first Linux PC-based, IP POS terminal. Its unique modular format and interchangeable modems support IP (Ethernet), WiFi, Cellular and Dial-Up connections. Offering 128 bit TCP/IP SSL encryption and transaction times as low as three seconds, the XD2000 terminal provides speed, security, and a completely modular design.



1Touch Secure Payments

AppMobi’s 1Touch is a revolutionary single-click purchasing and digital wallet that keeps the user in control over their own private information so that there is never a central database of millions of credit cards that can be stolen.



iSwipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone

iSwipe is a credit card terminal for your iPhone that enables you to accept credit cards wherever your business takes you. All you need is your iPhone or iPod Touch and Authorize.Net to start accepting credit cards. iSwipe is extremely easy to set up—you can process your first order in minutes. It instantly notifies you of declined charges and supports Card Code Verification (CCV) and Address Verification Service (AVS). iSwipe even allows you to install one Authorize.Net account across multiple iPhones. iSwipe is also compatible with 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi connections.



Accumulus Subscription and Usage Billing System

Whether you are a start-up business or an established company looking for new revenue streams, the Accumulus Subscription and Usage Billing System can help you monetize and optimize your business. Decades of subscription billing and credit card processing experience were applied to build an Internet cloud-based software solution that makes enterprise class billing features available to everyone. The system is easy to integrate, flexible, scalable, highly automated and secure.



Movylo Shop

Mobile commerce made easy. Create anything from a single mobile deal to a complete mobile store.

Presentation: your store is m-site and iPhone/Android Apps.

Promotion: numerous mobile marketing tools to create impulse deals like the deal of the day, expiring deals, last arrivals, etc.

Check out: bill your customer directly via mobile and/or offline (phone or geotargeted coupon for in-store billing).



Single-Click Checkout

Single-Click Checkout enables merchants to easily accept credit card payments from users on any mobile phone with only a single click. Whether you provide digital goods like games, music, virtual currency, or nonprofit donations, or physical goods like concert tickets or home appliances, users can instantly purchase your items using their credit or debit card.



Credit Card Terminal for Android

Credit Card Terminal gives you simple, fast, and affordable credit card processing on your Google Android phone. Process credit cards anywhere. Works with most Android phones, including the Droid, Nexus One, and many HTC phones.




Aircharge, together with Authorize.Net, brings a new level of excellence and security to wireless payment processing. You can accept credit and signature based debit cards anywhere your cell phone works. Process transactions and receive fast approval responses on the spot, knowing immediately if the card has been accepted or declined. Keep your current processing relationship by utilizing Aircharge software and equipment and Authorize.Net’s payment gateway with this cost-effective solution.




Giftango allows merchants of any size the ability to offer online gift card programs that their customers love. Giftango’s easy-to-implement software platform significantly reduces merchants’ costs and increases sales revenue by leveraging a unique fulfillment process built upon proprietary e-mail and mobile phone technologies. The Web-based SaaS, Software as a Service application requires no changes to merchant software or current business processes.




TicketTrax combines the use of portable point-of-sale (POS) terminals, wireless technology, and powerful back-end servers to allow the issuing and tracking of tickets. The ticketing software resides on both wired and wireless POS terminals allowing tickets to be printed, real time processing of credit card transactions, tracking of cash, check and vouchers and complete accountability for every ticket issued. Ticket sales data from all terminals is automatically collected by DataTrax’s back end servers and made available the next day for head office and accounting staff.



Zyxel ZyAIR G-4100

802.11N Wireless Hot Spot Gateway with printer provides quick and easy deployment of Internet access and E-mail service in coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels – with an embedded credit card billing module.



Mi Business™ Management System

The Mi Business™ Management System is a full scale mobile POS system that provides scheduling, inventory control, VIP discounts, and cash control. The system, which runs on any Windows Mobile 5 pocket PC cell phone or PDA, can process real time credit card transactions using a portable mag-stripe reader/printer. It can also interface with QuickBooks and other systems to integrate business applications. Any type of business can use it since user-defined screens make it fully customizable.