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As a full-service payment processor and being family owned & operated, our approach is different, which is why we refer to ourselves as being a maverick in the industry. Since 2000, we have catered to tens of thousands of businesses and built relationships with thousands of partners. Our commitment is to build real relationships around providing hands-on and personal support while utilizing our secure and reliable solutions, which are backed by our transparency and straight-forwardness. Our merchants and partners are not just a number, but an actual relationship to us. We truly understand and appreciate businesses and their respective business owners as we truly understand the day-to-day management of running a successful business. Read our company’s credit card processing reviews from some of our satisfied merchants and partners, which are from real review sites that require different verification and validation to ensure authenticity.

Merchant Reviews

Jason W, Owner of – We are very happy with Maverick. We’ve been with them for over a year, and have no complaints. We were processing with our bank before, and Maverick has been saving us over $200 each month. They even paid our termination fee from Wells Fargo. They are very accommodating to our needs and even placed us on next day funding. For a pretty large online business, this has been very helpful for cash flow and helping us grow. Very professional company and we would recommend them to anyone looking to switch.

Shawdon J, Owner of – I own a wholesale razor blade company. I originally set up my merchant services through one of’s preferred processors but decided to see what else was out there. After getting a few quotes, I decided to go with Maverick BankCard because they are also family-owned and saved me the most money. They gave me a detailed side-by-side comparison and even pointed out some hidden fees that my previous processor was charging me. Since they are local, I decided to give them a try. So far my experience has been great. They approved me in just a few hours, and I was able to start processing the same day I applied. Maurice helped me get everything integrated to my website very quickly and easily, and even saved me money on my gateway too. All around I am very satisfied with Maverick, and they have exceeded my expectations.

Clark C, Owner of Claydon Jewelers – Saved me money, had a great customer service team, and made my life easier. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Maverick!

Brian W, Owner of O Vape – These guys are great to work with. Extremely responsive and quick to answer and handle any questions or concerns that come up. Great rates and easy to contact!

Lindsey D, Former Finance Director of YMCA of Tyler Texas – For fun, I allow competitor companies try to meet or beat your services through Maverick. They all start off real arrogant, knowing that they can beat your rates. Then they look at a Maverick statement and their eyebrows shoot up. “Wow, you’re getting a great deal!” “I’ve never seen a processor charge this low of rates!” “How did you get them this low?”

Haha… like I told the last kid that left the office, sometimes it is just nice to hear from a third party that you’ve done a damn good job.

Thanks for your help and Maverick’s service. We are proud to be with you guys.

PS-Maverick has beat out the YMCA’s preferred Merchant Services provider (Bank of America), Singular, Yoozy, Merchant One, AND Transfirst. They cut our previous Merchant Services Provider bill IN HALF.

-No looking back!

Christian M, Partner of Recovery Tax Relief – Helped us get started with our business in a professional and streamlined way. No runaround, gimmickey, annoying conversation, and very reasonable. We recommend Maverick to 110% of the way and are in debt to these guys. Thank you!

Ralek G, Owner of Metamoris – Maverick is my only choice, they’re a family business with outstanding professionalism and service.

William B, Owner of Beau’s Wellness Center – This is one of the best of all the credit card processors in the county. I have tried payment solution and cynch payment before and I was very unhappy with the fees and customer service.
Finally Maverick Bankcard came to the rescue and I have been happy with the quick service and they are truly professiona

They were able to save me good money on my processing fees, provided a brand new terminal free of charge and also got me on next day funding, which was a big bonus! I would highly recommend them to any business.

Mark C, Owner of Chapparone Auto Body – As a busy small business owner taking the time to get to things like merchant services isn’t easy. I was referred to Maverick and Ben stayed in contact with me and my office  manager during the entire process. He was able to save us a considerable amount of money over our current processor (my bank, who I thought I could trust) and he even provided new (and free!) terminals. Ben is very knowledgable and patient and we really appreciated all of his help during the set up period. More importantly, his service after the sale has been impeccable, which is something many companies fail miserably at. Thank you Ben for all your help and thank you Maverick for the savings and service!

Partner Reviews

Brian C, Strategic Technology Partner – Our partnership with a quality company like Maverick BankCard ensures that a patient’s private information is securely handled, from the point of receiving the text to the end result of paying their bills. Because we are dealing with not only HIPPA compliance, which PatientlySpeaking has several years of experience with, but also with PCI compliance – due to credit card information – we wanted to partner with a company that has as much PCI experience as we do in HIPAA – hence the reason we choose Maverick BankCard.

Jack D, Outside Sales – Maverick has revolutionized the merchant services industry. They do not charge hidden fees like other providers, put their proposal in writing, and guarantee to save you money. Their customer service is top notch as they treat you like family. Getting approved is easy and their underwriting department moves quickly. I cannot say enough about my interactions with them.

Terry M, Referral Partner – I’ve been a referral partner with Maverick Bank Card for over 3 years now. Their staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable and fair. We plan on using Maverick indefinitely, very solid company!

Austin M, Outside Sales Agent – I am an outside sales agent for Maverick BankCard and have been very happy with the support and attention both me, and my clients receive. The approval process is very quick and easy too, and their management team always makes a strong effort to help me secure new customers. I have worked with other processors in the past, many of the very large processors, but Maverick has always gone above and beyond.

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