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Maverick Management

Maverick’s management team shares over 30 years of experience in the processing space. We have a unique approach, hence why we are Maverick. As a family-owned & operated company, we naturally treat our team, partners, and merchants like family. Our culture is also team-driven as we know the importance for everyone to work together in a collaborative environment. As a big, small company, our approach is special as we understand the value of merchants and partners, and don’t treat them as another number. Due to our knowledge in the industry and infrastructure, we are able to perform as a “big” company to compete with the larger processors while keeping the important values of a smaller business. Additionally, we have a synergistic approach of converging “old school with new school” – simply put, we keep the traditional values while staying current with today’s financial technology.

Alan Griefer

CEO & Founder

Alan has been in the acquiring and payment processing space since 2000. Being co-founder of another large payment processor, Alan has vast hands-on experience with building organizations, running day-to-day operations, and leading by example. With extensive knowledge of the industry, Alan is responsible for Maverick’s executive leadership. His sales knowledge, entrepreneurial background and depth of the industry make him a great leader at Maverick.

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Ben Griefer


Starting at Maverick at its inception, Ben had also just graduated high-school. Starting in sales and working up to business development, operations, and executive management at the operational level, he has worked all departments and has extensive hands-on experience with all day-to-day duties. Working full-time while studying at USC, Ben graduated with International Financial Management then going straight to full-time as Chief Operating Officer at Maverick.

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Maurice “Moe” Griefer


Coming on board quickly after his graduation from USC, Moe has worked in sales then quickly was attracted to finance-related duties. Being the Chief Revenue Officer, Moe is able to use his USC knowledge, which he majored in Economics and Business, to apply at Maverick to all accounting, finance, and revenue-related tasks. Moe is also a Certified Payments Professional with Electronic Transactions Association.

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Maverick Team

Maverick’s team members in operations, sales, underwriting, risk and support boasts another 25+ years of combined experience. As a team of seasoned veterans, you are in good hands with Maverick. We treat our partners, merchants and everyone in between like family!

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