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Being in the space for nearly 20 years has allowed us to truly understand the technological need for merchants, partners, and our internal team. As a fully committed organization, Maverick has invested significantly into proprietary technology to provide merchants, partners, and our team with unmatched technology.

Security – When applicable and available, our hosting environments are PCI Level One, HIPAA compliant, and SOC 2 certified.

Reliability – Relying on technology has become a necessity in today’s digital world. With over three separate hosting providers, 10+ instances, triple redundancy, numerous data centers and more, you can rely on our dashboard for 99.999% uptime.

Dedication – With over 10 full-time and dedicated developers, our team ranges from dedicated junior and senior programmers, system & server administrators, and user experience developers. We’re fully dedicated to providing technology to support and grow your business.


Reporting – with detailed reporting, merchants can easily keep track of activity and reconcile. From authorizations to full batch reporting, statements to reserve management, effortlessly monitor all activity in our dashboard. With card searching, terminal toggling, authorization details, comprehensive batch reporting, and more, our reporting will not only make it easier to reconcile, but provide insight on your business.

Tools – in today’s world of advanced technology, we understand the need to stay current. With current issues such as friendly fraud and others, our chargeback management is completely digital – easily manage chargebacks online. Our tool will show you chargeback details such as the offsetting transaction, reason code, what documents to upload to dispute it, and a easy upload function to submit the documents should you want to fight it. Additionally, other tools such as our fraud analysis help combat fraud. With BIN-monitoring technology, understand business vs. consumer cards, domestic vs. foreign, countries of issuing banks, card types, cards, and issuing banks along with a manual BIN checker. Furthermore, understand top chargeback reasons, approvals vs. declines, decline reasons & excessive declines, risky payments, and more. With our risky payment tool, leverage our negative chargeback database, which warns of successful authorizations (rather than successful sales to provide more time), on cardholders who have charged back you or another merchant to proactively take extra precaution.

Bizlitix – business analytics is a imperative tool to better understand your business, competitors, and customers. Better understand your payment processing trends, website analytics, manage your online reputation, understand what your competitors are doing, and more.

Communication – communication is key. Aside from our 24/7 support, easily open a support ticket in our dashboard. For news and updates, we provide electronic insights, similar to a newsletter, to keep you current with everything related to Maverick, payment processing and more.


In today’s extremely competitive payment processing industry, technology is key for both partners to successfully grow and to also provide merchants with value. Rather than selling just on pricing, sell on technology. Partners have access to the above merchant information along with partner-specific technology. With lead management, frictionless on-boarding with our online application and integrated e-signature coupled by our automated online application via JavaScript technology supported by automated underwriting, effortlessly sign up merchants. Easily monitor your portfolio with sophisticated portfolio statistics, residual reporting, sub-agent user management, and more. The best part, also provide your merchants with industry-leading technology as a win-win!

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