Quit Cigarette Tobacco For Good With E Smoke

Quit Cigarette Tobacco For Good With E Smoke

Quitting smoking is a big challenge, especially for those who have been addicted to cigarettes for years.

Many states have even set up quit assistance programs that are offered at no charge.

Smokers can simply call up and order a kit with patches, gum, helpful information, and even a coach that can be contacted at any time. Even with this kind of help quitting smoking is a challenge. Addiction is a hard thing to battle but with the right help, it is possible.

One of the most popular smoking cessation products out there is e smoke. Electronic cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years for good reason.

What is E Smoke?

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat an oily liquid to a safe temperature to vaporize it and allow the user to inhale. Unlike traditional  cigarette tobacco products, there isn’t any actual smoke. Nothing burns, so none of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco plant material is released.

Instead, the liquid is made of two or three parts. Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are mixed in a ratio preferred by the user. For smaller devices call ego style cigarettes the ratio is usually half and half.

For more advanced devices that produce more vapor, the ration is closer to seventy-thirty respectively. Nicotine can be added for users who prefer, but zero-nicotine juice is also available.

quit Cigarette Tobacco Is E Smoke Safer Than Cigarette Tobacco?

The two biggest portions of e-juice are food grade products that can safely be consumed without causing any harm. Vegetable glycerine is a natural product from plants that is regularly used in commercial food production.

Propylene glycol is a harmless substance with a thicker consistency that is usually used to suspend the nicotine the nicotine and flavoring for the juice.

Nicotine, however, is an addictive substance that can cause serious harm is ingested or consumed in high enough volume. When it comes to harmful substances such as nicotine, there is an inherent risk, but it would take a considerable amount to cause serious harm.

Are E Smokes Worth The Money?

The average smoker consumes one pack per day. That one pack costs about six dollars. At thirty packs per month, the average smoker is spending about one-hundred eighty dollars per month, not including tax. For about two hundred dollars per month, smokers are maintaining a habit that is causing considerable harm to their bodies.

There are e-cigarettes available at very reasonable prices.

In fact, many retailers will give smokers a free device just for trading in their pack of cigarettes. If the user consumes about three milliliters of juice per day at about fifty-cents per milliliter, they are spending about forty-five dollars per month.

Saving about a hundred and fifty dollars per month sounds well worth the cost of even a premium device.

Cigarette Tobacco effects on your bodyChoosing The Right Device To Quit Cigarette Tobacco

There are hundreds of models of e-cigarettes available for sale. Some of them can be purchased for less than ten dollars and enjoyed without much additional upkeep.

More expensive devices cost more up front, but users tend to enjoy them a lot more.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a device, especially when first starting out on vaping. Starting with a basic device is usually a lot less frustrating, and it won’t be a waste of money if vaping isn’t the way to go.

New vapers can visit a local retailer to try e smoke and make the decision to switch based on practical information provided by a trained professional.