E Smoke Or A Traditional Cigarette?

E Smoke Or A Traditional Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative way to consume nicotine without needing to light up a traditional cigarette.

Also known as an e smoke, an electronic cigarette can be purchased both online or from a local tobacco store.

This form of smoking has gained popularity over the last few years. There are many reasons smokers should consider opting for electronic cigarettes over traditional ones.

E Smoke is Smoke-Free

Perhaps the biggest appeal of electronic cigarettes is that they do not produce any smoke. Unlike a regular cigarette, electronic devices do not require the use of a lighter to burn the ingredients. Electronic cigarettes are operated with a battery pack.

When in use, the cigarette heats up on its own, warming the fluid inside the pipe. Since there is no burning involved, there is no smoke created. Instead, the electronic cigarette produces a vapor that is inhaled by the user. This is why the term “vaping” has been coined to describe those who smoke electronic cigarettes.

People can use these devices in all areas, even in places that are designated as being a non-smoking environment. Electronic cigarettes do not produce any unwanted odors or second-hand smoke.

E Smoke flavorsVariety of Flavors of E Smoke

Another allure of electronic cigarettes is that consumers can choose from a seemingly endless variety of flavor options.

The fluid cartridges for an e smoke are sold separately from the actual device.

This fluid is what contains the nicotine. Instead of being flavorless or tasting like a traditional cigarette, manufacturers have found a way to add flavors to these cartridges.

This makes the experience of using an electronic cigarette even more enjoyable and personalized. There are a number of flavor options available, from sweet to savory.

shutterstock_237371161 (1)Fewer Chemicals in E Smoke

When compared to a traditional cigarette, an e smoke contains fewer chemicals. Many of the chemicals found in a regular cigarette are either harmful or questionable. Some of these ingredients may even lead to cancer. Inhaling smoke may eventually damage the lungs. That is one reason why serious lung diseases are so prevalent with smokers. Electronic cigarettes, however, are completely free of tar.

There is no smoke being inhaled. While there are chemicals found inside the vapor, they do not appear to be highly carcinogenic. In fact, most of the ingredients used in an electronic cigarette are actually non-toxic and food grade. Many medical professionals feel the risk of lung disease is decreased when choosing electronic cigarettes over traditional ones.

Those looking to enjoy a nicotine fix now have a few options. Both traditional cigarettes and electronic ones provide high levels of nicotine to the user. However, many smokers are choosing to make the switch to e-smokes because of the many pros they have over regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are smoke-free, contain fewer chemicals, and even come in a variety of flavors.

Under normal circumstances, an electronic cigarette can last for many years, with only the fluid cartridge and battery pack needing to be replaced. Users can also enjoy the freedom of being able to use an electronic cigarette anywhere without discrimination.