How The Ecommerce Marketplace is Changing in 2016

How The Ecommerce Marketplace is Changing in 2016

For some shoppers, it seems that everything is done online.

Consumers have the capability to purchase almost everything they need from an online platform.

Barring food, there are many consumers who do exactly this. But, online shopping is only a fraction of all shopping. In a fascinating and sometimes forgotten statistic, online shopping is only about 7% of all sales.

The number is growing, but that is hardly a major player. Compared to retail shopping, online shopping is a small drop in the bucket.

But, there is a huge potential for growth. Online shopping is so well known and so popular. Yet, it can only muster 7% of all total sales.

There is only one way to go- up- and online retailers understand this potential flow of growth that is almost guaranteed to come.

E-commerce is changing in 2016 and in the next few years. There is a shift happening right now. Consumers know they can purchase online. That challenge is accomplished.

But, how do online retailers expand their horizons, draw in new consumers, and bring that 7% number a whole lot higher?

ecommerce marketplace funEcommerce Marketplace: The Fun of Prices is either the best thing to happen to online business or the worst, depending on who is asked. Amazon is often able to offer cheaper prices for products that are available in retail outlets and in their website.

The basic answer has to do with overhead. Amazon has a small employee base (relatively small, compared to most physical retail juggernauts). They also do not have a lot of locations to light and physical retail stores to manage as a corporate or a franchise.

Prices will play a major role in the growth of an ecommerce marketplace. This is particularly so with products that can be purchased anywhere- mainstays available online and off. Prices will spearhead the explosion of e-commerce shopping for major products.

The Niche of Niches In The Ecommerce Marketplace

Small shops can take note of prices, but they have something else working in their favor. Small shops can offer products that are not available in a physical retail store.

This is where they can shine. There is no clear alternative for a custom-made quilt available in a small ecommerce website.

It is a one-of-a-kind. Prices matter, but they certainly not as vital as they are for general products that can be purchased anywhere. The uniqueness will play a major factor in e-commerce sales.

Customers want things they can’t get anywhere else. Small e-commerce sites allow for that individuality and uniqueness- something rare on a Wal-Mart shelf.

ecommerce marketplace benefits What’s The Benefit Of a Ecommerce Marketplace?

An ecommerce marketplace has a wealth of potential.

With only 7% of all sales being made online, there is a staggering amount of growth still available in the marketplace.

A unique vision will beat out a competitive price. This is something any small e-commerce sellers should strongly consider.

They are not necessarily competing with Wal-Mart, Target, Sear’s, etc. They offer a fresh alternative- a unique perspective with a fresh flavor.

The exploration of niches and the decreasing value of prices are changing e-commerce in 2016.