Ways To Improve Customer Experience In 2019

Ways To Improve Customer Experience In 2019

This holiday season is an ideal time to collect intelligence about your new and existing customers so you can improve customer experience. There’s more people shopping in stores and online right now than the rest of the year. If you want to boost your customer experience, then here are some methods you should consider for 2019.

Customer experience is the customer’s perception of all their interactions with your company. Since customer expectations are higher than ever, customer experience has become a key driver of retention and acquisition.To improve customer experience, you need to understand that it is more than just customer service.

Customer experience includes every touchpoint your customers have with your company. Whether it’s the moment they first hear about you in a blog post they found on Google, or how easy (or difficult) it was for them to purchase from you, and all the way through to the time they complain about you on social media.

Thus, providing a great customer experience means deeply understanding your customers personas and journey. Nowadays, it’s easier for customers to take their business elsewhere than ever before, creating and delivering an outstanding customer experience is a must-have. 

Expand Your Omni-channel StrategyExpand Your Omni-channel Strategy

An omni-channel customer experience is made up of individual customer touch-points over a variety of channels that seamlessly connect. This allows customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

HubSpot describes it as, “the ability to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels, while factoring in the different devices that consumers are using to interact with your business.”

Supporting multiple channels within a single interaction is what is expected by today’s customers. Having this available will improve customer experience for your company.

Sephora, cosmetics giant, is a great example of a continuous and consistent omni-channel experience done right. They have a mobile application that assists shoppers in store and gives them easy access to product ratings and reviews.

Use Artificial Intelligence For PersonalizationUse Artificial Intelligence For Personalization

To improve customer experience, you need to make sure their experience is personalized. Artificial Intelligence deepens the personalization brands deliver. You might ask, how?

Thanks to AI, the page you see when you log-on to Amazon.com is probably very different than the one I see. Advertising, product recommendations, and special deals are all tailored to your unique customer profiles based on historical browsing trends and your buying behavior.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become so skilled that some sites who use it might be able to predict what we will purchase before we even know what we’re looking for.

A great way to improve customer experience is to make sure your company has created tasks with existing customer service chatbots or virtual assistants so your customers can streamline their interactions with your brand. For example, Liberty Mutual insurance company makes it easy for customers to Obtain an auto insurance estimate through Amazon Alexa.

Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for companies to get consumer insights. AI can find consumer trends and predict what customers will want in the future.

One example of this came from the company Spotify, which used AI to sort through data and highlight some of the most unique customer trends from over 100 million customers to create an eye-catching ad campaign. Machine learning or artificial intelligence is now a way to improve customer experiences, create more personalized and customer-centric interactions, and offer seamless omni-channel communications.

Create Instant GratificationCreate Instant Gratification

If you don’t know this already, humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish. To improve customer experience, your company or brand must feed customers’ desire for instant gratification. 

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being has an attention span of eight seconds. For businesses, this means they have8 secondsto create an engagement with a customer before they lose interest.

Instant gratification doesn’t just happen at the end of a transaction. You should give users this during every step of the way. During the customer journey there are multiple touch points, times when the customer either interacts with a company’s employees, website, or product. Try to make every customer interaction an experience which delivers instant gratification. 

Some examples of this include:

  • Occasional messages updating you on your order.
  • Asking for help on social media and getting a response from the company in less than five minutes.
  • The positive greeting you get when you walk into or return to a place where you’ve done business.
  • Getting a problem resolved on the first call, without being transferred.

Implement Episode ManagementImplement Episode Management

Customer episodes are events that start when a customer expresses a need and end when the customers need is fulfilled.

When companies organize their activities around customer episodes, they gain an end-to-end view of the customer experience rather than just the pieces of the internal process. Episode management can help the company increase revenue and reduce costs.

Let’s say a customer of yours needs to change their payment and location information because they have moved or because they want to use a new card for their next purchase.

The customer episode involves handling these changes in a way that doesn’t feel burdensome to the customer who now has to update their information online. To have a great customer episode would mean developing a single form or prompt that allows them to update the information even when they are in the middle of checking out.

Use Extra Security MeasuresUse Extra Security Measures

The customer’s buying journey is comprised of many parts that must work together to create a unified consumer experience.

Secure transactions is a critical component of the customer experience and business communication strategy. As the security landscape matures, brands must adapt their technologies to meet threats head-on, in a way that won’t compromise on customer experience.

Having a highly secure but easy to use transaction system is very important in improving customer experience in 2019. Using PCI-compliant terminals and easy-to-use PCI validation tools, your business will have secure transactions as well as adhere to the strictest requirements.

This is where artificial intelligence can provide help in the upcoming years. AI can identify any issues with data that could be a threat like authentication fraud. Even biometric solutions like facial, voice, and fingerprint recognition tactics can help boost security and prevent fraud. With these types of security, a customer can feel at ease purchasing your product knowing their information is safe. 

Your Customer Experience Strategy

To improve customer experience in your company, you should consider implementing each of these strategies. Keeping up with the new technologies will help improve customer experience as well as secure all transactions.

Concentrating on customer interactions across all channels and touchpoints will help a create consistent experience.


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