Maverick understands different companies in different industries require specific payment processing requirements. We work with a network of domestic and international partners, which allows for numerous solutions at your disposal. Working with nearly every type of high-risk business model, we have acquired knowledge to help your business when it comes to a secure and efficient solution.


Adult Businesses

Bail Bonds

Binary Option

Business Opportunities (“Biz Opp”)

Chat Rooms

Collection Agencies


Direct Response

Document Preparation Services

Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cig) & Vaporizers

Extended Warranty & Protection

Forex Websites

Fortune Tellers

Gambling Advice

Gift Card & Certificate Websites

Gun & Firearm Stores

Health & Beauty Products

High Volume Merchants

Horoscope Readings


Internet Art

Internet Collector Coins & Stamps

Internet Paraphernalia & Smoke Shops

Mattress Sales

Multi-level Marketing (MLM)

Negative Option/Renewal


Online Gaming & Internet Gambling

Online Dating

Online Exercise Equipment

Online Legal Forms

Online Schools & Education

Pawn Shops

Penny Auctions

Recurring & Re-bill Billing Models

Social Networking Websites

Sports Betting

Stored Value Cards

Subscriptions & Memberships

Ticket BrokersTicket Sales

Travel Agencies

Trial Offers