High-risk merchant account solutions are utilized for niche market businesses and non-traditional merchants giving the opportunity to process payments when businesses may be deemed higher risk. Businesses seen as high-risk typically incur higher chargebacks and/or fraud due to the card-not present transactions performed, and may also have billing models that raise the exposure to customer disputes, such as recurring and continuity models. Furthermore, a high-risk or online merchant may be subject to more scrutiny, which includes not trading to restricted countries, age verification, having personal credit issues or being in a industry that is controversial leading the bank to incur “reputational risk”. As insurance, Maverick offers high-risk merchants fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation tools, multi-account acquisition & proactive account management, flexible underwriting policies and vast knowledge in each high-risk vertical allowing us to help structure the processing correctly, as well as helping manage to ensure longevity.

Our services also include complete service and software bundling, which allows for a streamlined process as you are able to work with one company but have access to our suite or solutions & services. The advantage here is that you do not have to manage multiple services with numerous companies. Maverick is here to simplify what can be a very lengthy and complicated process of both acquiring accounts and managing them. Our main goal is to centralize what you can get from several companies by working with just one as we will manage all of the processing, payment gateways and all other factors. We simply do our job so you can focus on not only running your business, but also taking it to the next level. By working with Maverick, you have access to multiple processing solutions, numerous payment gateways, fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation, our complete suite of added-value services and a very reputable & well-versed team of managed-risk experts.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Maverick BankCard understands that different industries have different payment processing requirements and needs. For industry-specific information, please click here.

Account Management

Maverick can be your partner that helps you excel to the next level by managing all electronic payment services! Our team will help you streamline the complicated process of managing merchant accounts for all of your products or services, as well as providing payment gateway setup & integration, chargeback mitigation, fraud prevention and nonstop assistance. We simply work behind the scenes to ensure no issues occur!

Online Payment Gateway

For card-not present merchants, a payment gateway is provided with each merchant account and Maverick’s use of a wide range of different gateways allows for compatibility with hundreds of shopping carts and software programs. Our payment gateways allow you to track transactions, see monthly volume, view real-time reports, and a host of other business parameters.

SSL Processing

As part of PCI DSS requirements, all our merchant accounts are provisioned for secure SSL payment processing. This allows your business and your customers to be as safe as possible.

Live Support

Every merchant has an dedicated Account Specialist from day one to help with any issue or concern.

Risk Management & Mitigation

With in-house risk experts with years of experience, we know industry specifics such as trends, typical culprits of fraud and chargebacks, which allows us to not only get you processing, but ensure you are running as smoothly as possible. With our chargeback intercept and fraud prevention software, we are also able to reduce overall fraud and chargebacks drastically! Not only does this allow your business to become more profitable, but will allow for you to scale and keep the merchant accounts in a healthier status!


As a reputable, knowledgeable and very experienced merchant services provider, Maverick understands the complexities in the high-risk space, what is the reason for a business being deemed ‘high-risk’, the best practices with associations & agencies, the differences among different industries and importance to know each industry specifically, the typical culprit for chargebacks, fraud and/or other reasons hurting a merchant’s business along with what is needed to be long-term, sustainable and compliant. We take time to learn your campaign, offer or business’s specific model to ensure our solution(s) are completely custom to your business’s needs. With our reputable, scalable and transparent solutions, we provide ongoing consulting to ensure your non-traditional business is set up for long-term processing! Our consultative approach is client-centered from day one to ensure you have the best solution possible while utilizing our knowledge – think of Maverick as your personal merchant account consultant!

Factors relating to the type of product or service, credit history, financial stability of the owner and/or business, business/billing model, and/or past processing history can all play roles in the underwriting decision and solution utilized. Understanding the root problem and addressing it accordingly with full disclosure can mean success or failure when presenting a new application. Maverick specializes in building your application package to help underwriting have a full understanding of the business profile and help work it through the underwriting process to ensure a easy and quick approval.