Maverick Partners With Chargeback360

Maverick Partners With Chargeback360

Maverick BankCard partners with Chargeback360 to help facilitate eCommerce businesses with complete chargeback management and mitigation.

Working with numerous eCommerce and direct response businesses, Chargeback360 is a complete solution for all aspects of chargeback management. Linking electronic payment facilities and merchant account services from Maverick with high-level chargeback management from Chargeback360, the partnership will not only help Internet businesses start off on the right foot, but scale with constant management to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

With Chargeback360, your Internet business is offered numerous chargeback and fraud-related businesses. From chargeback and fraud prevention to chargeback disputing and representation with bundled reporting and superb service, Chargeback360 is great with what they do. Being eCommerce business owners themselves, the team at Chargeback360 understands the business from both ends.

They work with merchants to understand why chargebacks are occurring, what is causing them, help put systems in place to avoid and mitigate chargebacks, keep an eye on the business, and become their risk and chargeback analysis partner

Interested in working with Chargeback360? Either contact us or them and mention it, and you will receive top-notch service!

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