Answers to Common Questions About Online Merchant Accounts

Answers to Common Questions About Online Merchant Accounts

Business owners who want to be able to sell as many products or services as possible need to make sure it’s easy for potential customers to find what they need. Nowadays, more and more businesses are opting to have a business website they can use to sell their products or services so customers can purchase what they need when they need it. To make everything as easy as possible for the potential customers, business owners will want to look into an online merchant account.

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Why are Online Merchant Accounts Necessary for Businesses Online?

Taking payments online needs to be done carefully to ensure the payments aren’t made with fraudulent or stolen credit cards. Moreover, businesses need to be able to take as many types of payments as possible to ensure they accept the payment type their customers want to use. A merchant account makes it easier for a business to accept many payment types and for them to ensure the payments are securely made to reduce fraud and other issues.

What Payment Options are Enabled Through Online Merchant Accounts?

With the right merchant account, businesses will be able to accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments like Paypal. Potential customers will be able to choose the payment type they prefer when they’re paying through the website. If the customer’s preferred payment isn’t accepted, they might look for another business that can accept their payment type. This should be avoided when possible so the business gets the new customers, not their competitor.

Can Businesses Take Payments Outside of the Office?

Along with being able to accept payments through their website, many businesses might want to accept payments online when they’re in the field. Some merchant accounts allow them to view a mobile ordering page on a tablet or smartphone so they can accept payments from their customers in person. This is perfect for delivery services, in-home services, and products that are sold at an event. A variety of payment types, including mobile payments, can be used for this, and they will be processed quickly for the business and the customer.

What Happens if Payments Cannot be Made?

Rarely, there may be issues where payments cannot be made due to an issue with the provider. When the payments cannot be processed, the provider will help the business owner find out what’s going on and get the payment options up and going again. Any issues like this are extremely limited and taken care of quickly to prevent losing customers for the business.

Can Online Merchant Accounts Protect the Business from Fraud?

The number one concern with taking online payments is fraud. Business owners may worry about stolen credit cards being used on their website to purchase products or services. However, today’s merchant accounts provide fraud protection and use a variety of techniques to prevent fraud as much as possible. This cuts down on the number of times fraudulent cards might be used to obtain products or services and protects the business from issues relating to fraud.

Is Help Available for the Merchant Account?

Business owners will find it’s easy to set up a merchant account and start using it right away. However, if they do have any issues or any questions, they will be able to speak with the provider to get the help they need. This help is typically available anytime, day or night, so the business owner doesn’t have to wait until normal business hours to resolve an issue or ask a question.

Is it Easy for Business Owners to Keep Track of Their Merchant Account?

An online interface makes it easy for business owners to keep on top of their merchant account and ensure they know what is happening all of the time. They’ll be able to see detailed reports about how customers are paying and what they’re using to pay as well as view reports that show how well their website is doing as far as sales are concerned. All the information they might need or want will be easily accessible for them.

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Can Online Merchant Accounts Really Boost Online Sales?

The business still needs to attract potential customers to their website. However, having a secure checkout through a merchant account means customers will feel more comfortable purchasing something through the website. Customers are more likely to purchase something, especially impulse purchases, if they can be sure their private information will remain safe. This can also be promoted as part of their marketing plan, if desired, to show potential customers that purchasing from the website is safe and easy to do.

Accepting payments almost anywhere means businesses have a much larger chance to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. The easier it is for a customer to purchase something, the more likely they are to order what they need. If your business wants to be able to accept payments online now, learn more about obtaining an online merchant account today.