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Merchants in adult entertainment have been scrutinized since they first started in the mid 1990’s. Due to the legal age restrictions, controversial content of the website and larger amount of fraud & chargebacks, merchants operating in the adult industry have been deemed high-risk by most banks and payment processors. Adult merchants also operate in numerous verticals between tangible goods and intangible services, which pose risker as different offerings can require different processing needs. Due to Maverick’s experience in this field and history in the industry, Maverick understands the adult space along with all the factors within it. Maverick can offer your adult business a merchant account whether you are based domestically or internationally. To have your adult business become as profitable as you want, you need a safe, affordable and reputable merchant account that will let your business reach its potential.

Adult Merchant Services

  • eCommerce – Card-not present sales for a eCommerce environment raise concerns with adult-related businesses due to age restrictions, a possible increase in fraud, and more. Our eCommerce and card-not present solutions satisfy concerns for a card-absent transaction method while easily integrating to thousands of third party CRMs and shopping carts systems coupled with cutting-edge fraud prevention and acceptance to a vast array of adult-related products/services.
  • Retail – Although retail businesses see a reduced amount of risk due to card-present sales, adult-related businesses bring both compliance management and “reputational” risk due to the product and service type. Our retail processing is setup for longevity with a backing of compliancy due adhere to both card brand and federal requirements while integrating to thousands of point-of-sale systems.
  • Cutting-edge Technology – To remain competitive in today’s market a business must leverage technology to remain competitively advantaged. Our merchants benefit from cutting-edge technology to better run their business and make smarter business decisions.
  • Numerous Solutions – We have numerous options as different banks have different tolerances based on the adult-specific vertical. Whether it is adult toys or explicit adult videos, we have a solution for you.

Adult Payment Processing

  • Adult Toys  – Adult toys and novelties deem “reputational” risk regardless if retail (card-present) or eCommerce (card-not present).
  • Adult Dating – Online dating can be high-risk due to industry-average fraud and disputes coupled with adult content.
  • Online Chat Rooms & Phone Sex – Chat rooms and phone sex are higher risk because of card brand scrutiny and explicit content.
  • Live Webcam Sites – Webcam sites need card brand registration combined with compliance requirements causing it to be high-risk.
  • Streaming Video & Online Photographs – Card brand requirements combined with graphic streaming and explicit pictures force high-risk processing a requirement.

With a vast network of banks, Maverick’s liberal underwriting policies allow for merchants in adult entertainment to secure a reliable and competitive merchant account. Our payment gateway services not only make for seamless integration to third party integration to different CRM systems and shopping carts, but also have fraud prevention tools, which can be imperative when operating an adult website.

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