Maverick BankCard

Payment Solutions For Every Business

Maverick makes it easy for your business customers to pay you. Our business-to-business (B2B) merchant services provide thorough, robust reports that allows you to reconcile data across all payment channels. As a full-service payment processor, Maverick caters to B2B merchants to allow them to process high ticket transactions in a safe, reliable and technology-enabled environment.

Level 3 – Accept Level 2 and Level 3 card payments from B2B and government customers to qualify for lower costs.
Secure – Our solutions are secure and abide to the highest card brand security requirements. Needing to store card data? No problem with our tokenization within our payment gateway.
Seamless Integration – Our payment gateway integrates with hundreds of third parties, including shopping carts, CRM systems and different accounting platforms.

For wholesalers and other merchants accepting B2b and government payments, we understand the sensitivity in a solution that is secure, efficient, and easy to use. Maverick is a leading technology company that specializes in easy-to-use integration solutions that allow you to easily and seamlessly integrate payment processing into your current accounting, ERP or CRM software. These solutions save you time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry and simplifying reconciliation. We offer a variety of APIs and other payment plugins that fit popular business management systems.

Business and corporate payment processing is different from consumer credit card processing. Level 2 and Level 3 processing requires B2B merchants to include additional information on each transaction processed. In addition, Level 3 processing requires detailed, line item data with each transaction; this detailed data appears in reports to business cardholders. In exchange for this additional information and the larger size of the transaction, the credit card companies offer lower interchange fees. Acceptance of Level 2 and/or Level 3 payments reduces your fees and increases your profits. This capability allows you to expand your customer base to include companies that use Level 2 and Level 3 cards.

Maverick provides your company with a specialized B2B merchant account for accepting business, purchasing and corporate card transactions, combined with fraud filters and tokenization, which gives your business the ability to store card data in our level I PCI compliant vault. We work with your business to implement the highest level of security for your payment processing needs.

Customer Review: Shawdon J, Owner of The Razor Blade Company

I own a wholesale razor blade company. I originally set up my merchant services through one of’s preferred processors but decided to see what else was out there. After getting a few quotes, I decided to go with Maverick BankCard because they are also family-owned and saved me the most money. They gave me a detailed side-by-side comparison and even pointed out some hidden fees that my previous processor was charging me. Since they are local, I decided to give them a try. So far my experience has been great. They approved me in just a few hours, and I was able to start processing the same day I applied. Maurice helped me get everything integrated to my website very quickly and easily, and even saved me money on my gateway too. All around I am very satisfied with Maverick, and they have exceeded my expectations.