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A collection agency merchant account facilitates easier debt collection with the ease of electronic payment acceptance. Most major banks and traditional payment processors will hesitate to offer merchant accounts for debt collection agencies due to the unstable regulatory climate of the industry and scrutiny from federal agencies. Collection agencies typically struggle to find a stable and long-term solution to accept and process cards due to this along with posing as ‘reputational’ risk and financial risk due to high average tickets. With years of experience in the collection industry, Maverick understands the complexities of collection agencies and ways to support them.

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Our experience in the industry coupled with our vast knowledge of higher risk business types, including compliance, regulation and legality, is what has made us a successful payment processor for debt collection agencies throughout the US. We truly understand the complexity on the backend to ensure compliancy with limited acceptance (debit-only), PCI standards in regard to tokenization for secure card storage, and more to provide collection agencies a reliable and economical payment processing solution. With seamless integration with numerous third party billing systems, CRM providers, and other technology providers, Maverick is an experienced payment processor providing stable and secure payment processing for collection agencies. As a full-service processor, Maverick is able to provide competitive rates, unmatched support, and a stable solution for your agency.

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