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Document preparation merchant account services assist businesses accept payment for providing a preparation service for individuals typically in need of navigating through a complex industry and documentation process. Whether it is for student loan assistance, debt consolidation, lowering rates/fees, or anything in between, document preparation is very helpful to individuals that can’t necessarily complete these tasks themselves. Because of businesses in the industry making aggressive claims, a majority of traditional banks and payment processor stay clear of the industry. Due to our industry-specific program for doc prep, our merchants benefit from secure and reliable payment processing coupled with competitive rates and cutting-edge technology.

Document Preparation Merchant Account Types

Billions of dollars of revenue are generated from the document preparation (doc prep) industry showing how significant these businesses are. The ironical fact is that starting one such business might seem difficult especially with a lot of major banks and credit card providers denying to open a merchant account for it, but our knowledge and expertise allows us to be a top provider.

A majority of doc prep merchants are in the card-not present environment being their customer (cardholder) is not physically present at the time of the transaction. The services provided are also intangible allowing for easier dispute, can take a few weeks or months to complete which is deemed a contingent liability on chargeback exposure, and are providing services which may be seen as “reputational” risk due to some businesses claiming aggressive promises.

Doc Prep Payment Processing

Have you applied for a merchant account from your bank and been denied? Has your application been under review for a abnormally long time? Has your current merchant account provider frozen your account due to larger ticket sales, a dispute, or realizing they don’t actually support your industry? This is where our expertise comes into play. Doc prep can be thought of as a accounting or financial advisor-related business, which isn’t typically high-risk, but due to the services provided combined with other factors, it is portrayed as high-risk. Our experience in the space and industry-specific processing program provides your doc prep business with scalable payment processing. Integrating to thousands of third party CRM systems and accounting software programs also allows for easy synchronization to more efficiently run your business.

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