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Gun and firearm businesses, including ammo, have also been scrutinized by different regulatory agencies, which has caused hesitation when it comes to banks and payment processors to support them. This, coupled with requirements, whether it is a federal firearms license, specific shipping, and handling requirements or both, has caused traditional banks to stay clear of the industry. For eCommerce & Internet businesses in the firearm space specifically, they have received even more push-back due to the transactions being card-not-present, meaning the customer is not present at the point of sale. Regardless, these factors have played a role for both eCommerce and retail merchants to struggle finding a stable and long-term solution to accept and process credit cards. Because most traditional banks do not like any firearm related businesses due to the controversial products, federal firearm licensing (FFL) requirement and laws surrounding the industry, it is seen as a high-risk industry. Some traditional banks even see the firearm industry as a ‘reputational’ risk and for that, they don’t want any involvement in it. Due to Maverick’s experience in this field and history in the industry, Maverick understands the online firearm space along with all the factors within it. We know being a merchant in a misunderstood industry like firearms can be difficult enough so we make the credit card processing aspect easy.

Firearm Friendly – Maverick is a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance. All of our programs are completely firearm friendly and we’re a strong advocate for the firearm industry.

Why wouldn’t you want to use a payment processor who is personally firearm friendly and a supporter?

Software & Equipment – We are integrated with hundreds of different payment gateways, countertop terminals, and point-of-sale systems, which are all firearm friendly and compatible.

Full-service Processor – Cut out the middleman, as these sales agents usually complicate the process and charge additional fees to make more money. As a full-service providing payment processor, we do everything in-house. Cut out unnecessary fees and benefit from our hands-on support to truly grow your firearm business.

eCommerce – Our payment gateway integration is not the only firearm friendly, but integrates with GunBroker in addition to hundreds of shopping carts, CRM systems, and eCommerce platforms. To grow your firearm business to the level you want, you need a safe, affordable, and reputable merchant account that will let your business reach its potential. By processing for numerous firearm retailers and eCommerce websites, we also have experience with shooting alleys and other related industries.

Maverick is a proud member of the NRA© Business Alliance & a PayGunner Partner. The Maverick Gateway is also fully supported on!

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