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We know that the hotel and hospitality business is competitive, and it’s only becoming more so. Twenty years ago, you only had to compete with other hotels, and motels. Today there are services like Air B&B that make it harder than ever to bring people into your rooms, and even renters who sublet through Craigslist and other platforms. Lucky for hotel owners, there are still those who prefer the luxury and reliability of a hotel to the crapshoot of renting someone’s apartment from them for a few days while they’re out of town. But, it’s not quite the same market that it was a decade or two prior. People seeking hotels don’t just need a place to stay, they are people specifically seeking out a stay in a hotel. It’s not quite a niche or a specialty market, but it’s not the only game in town anymore. This means that you need to try that much harder to impress customers if you want to ensure a healthy influx of new tenants.

Uber has taken some money out of the pockets of taxi companies and bus services, but those forms of transportation are still around. In fact, people still travel by train, long after the advent of the airplane. New technology and new services do not necessarily mean that the established industries immediately go belly-up. Hotels aren’t going anywhere, the game has just gotten a little more competitive, that’s all.

Of course, this also means that we need to step our game up. It means doing your best to make sure that your customers are happy with their experience, making sure that you are keeping up with all those Air B&B renters on every front. A big part of that is, of course, fast, painless, hassle-free payment processing. It makes their stay less complicated, and it makes your job a little easier.

Hotel merchant services

This is why Maverick wants to partner with your business to make sure that you’re offering customers (and potential customers) the most efficient, easy-to-use, and secure hotel merchant account processing options—whether it’s an online or a face-to-face transaction, while you have the most economical and productive system possible. With our first-class hotel payment processing services, luxurious resorts booking thousands of rooms to family-owned bed and breakfasts are backed by Maverick’s client-centered support!

Making sure that your hotel stays relevant to the coming years demands a number of things. You need to focus your marketing on why renting a room from a stranger can’t match the consistency of a hotel stay or a B&B visit. You need to make sure that the experience lives up to the marketing. And you need to make sure that renting a hotel room or a B&B bed isn’t any more complicated than renting from a subletter.

That last one is where we come in.

Seamless Integration – We know that you already have things set up the way you like. You might be more than happy with your current point of sale system and most of the software you have installed. We’re not looking to completely reinvent the way you do business. What Maverick offers compliments what you already have installed. We’re not trying to replace every app on your phone, we’re just trying to integrate with what you already have. This way you don’t need to retrain all your staff on the new software or anything like that. We offer everything you want from a payment processing service, but we build our services to work with your existing business. With Maverick’s back-end platform, we are able to support all major point-of-sale systems and cloud-based hotel management programs for an easy, quick, and secure integration.

This is really what good service hinges on. Clean sheets are a must, a great continental breakfast goes a long way. But if just cashing out is a pain in the neck, then you’re going to leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth. We’ve all been there. A bad experience at the cash register can ruin an otherwise wonderful experience at a hotel, with an airline or at a restaurant. That is to say that it doesn’t matter how good the lobster was if the waiter accidentally triple charged you and it took you a week of arguing with your credit card company to get the charges removed. A quick, painless transaction is key to having a positive experience, it’s the difference between the companies we recommend to friends and the ones we don’t.

PCI compliance is a big point, here. PCI is a whole bunch of fine print that very few merchants actually take the time to read through. But we do. We cover that for you, and we offer a hundred thousand dollars of PCI breach insurance coverage just in case so that you can go about your business and leave the trickier parts of payment processing up to us.

Late Batch Cut-off – Maverick offers an exceptionally late cut-off for merchants to batch helping cash flow tremendously. With an 11 pm EST cut-off for qualified merchants, our clients are no longer restricted by payment delays.
We also offer next day funding. You have to move fast in business these days. You don’t have time to sit around waiting for the money to go through, you need to make the transaction right away. So with next day funding, we try to make sure that you have one less speed bump in your way to wherever you’re going.

Bizlitix – You can’t make customers happy if you don’t understand your customers. In the old days, the best you could do to understand your customers was ask them to fill out comment cards. Now that’s just one option of many, and the more data you can collect, the more you can improve your customer’s experience at your establishment.

We have our own analytics platform, Bizlitix, that aims to be the only data solution you’ll ever need.

Here’s what you get with Bizlitix:

• Maverick Analytics. The foundation of the platform. You can find out where your customers are traveling from, what time of day they’re checking in and out and so on.
• Reputation Management. You know in sitcoms when a bar-owner or restauranteur hears that the newspaper’s food critic is coming by today? It doesn’t work that way anymore. Now, anyone can post a review, and a particularly effective one can make or break your week. Reputation management lets you address the feedback you’re getting.
• Competitor Analytics. Who are your competitors? What are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong? How can you set your brand apart from there’s?
• Online Analytics. Site heatmaps (mapping out the popular parts of the website), site analytics, website audits, keyword research, everything you need to create a strong online presence.

With a merchant account for your hotel from Maverick, you can expect wholesale pricing coupled with the most secure and affordable PCI-compliant software available, along with access to our 24/7 skilled technical support services. In addition, you can take advantage of special rate categories specific to those operating in the hospitality and lodging industries. Plus, our merchants enjoy online reporting and sophisticated analytics.

Behind the scenes, we’ll work with you to create custom solutions that will make your hotel, B&B, motel, or lodging business more profitable for you and more stress-free for your customers.

We serve countless merchants in the hospitality business, and we’ll be proud to take you on as a partner for as long as you’ll have us. Find out why so many hospitality and lodging businesses have partnered with Maverick.

Find out why so many hospitality and lodging businesses have partnered with Maverick.

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