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Accept cards internationally with numerous currency options

Maverick is able to offer merchants the flexibility to expand internationally to numerous options, including multi-currency processing along with partner banks in Europe. With European-integrated banks,  Maverick is able to cater to businesses on a global scale. With cutting-edge technology, real-time reporting, seamless integration, fraud prevention and industry-specific solutions, we are able to cater to all eCommerce businesses looking to process globally.

International Acquiring – Maverick can provide payment acceptance for eCommerce merchants who do not have a presence within the US. Establishing an international merchant account in their native country allows merchants to avoid costly inter-regional fees that would typically be added to many of their transactions at settlement.

Multi-currency – Maverick provides merchants with the unique opportunity to accept credit cards internationally in over 50 different currencies as well as receiving settlements in different currencies. By offering customers the ability to make purchases in their local currency, businesses can significantly decrease their exchange rate risk and offer peace-of-mind to their customers, who will know exactly what amount will be authorized at the time of purchase; thereby reducing potential chargebacks and angry customers.

Fraud Prevention – Maverick offers a range of fraud prevention services to reduce your expose to fraud, which is crucial when accepting sales on a global level.

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