Healthcare and Medical Practices benefit greatly from Maverick’s solutions catered specifically to this industry. As a full-service providing payment processor, Maverick’s payment services include competitive pricing, late cutoff times for batching, secure processing software & equipment, along with automated appointment management coupled with automated accounts receivable.

Maverick’s strategic partner, PatientlySpeaking, enables healthcare merchants to generate revenue through automation. PatientlySpeaking’s program includes:

Appointment Reminders

Most missed appointments occur because they are forgotten. PatientlySpeaking addresses this problem by providing a powerful appointment reminder service that ties directly into your Medical Billing System.

Patient A/R Platform

Increase revenue through automation while dramatically reducing time pursuing A/R.

Patient Recall Reminders

Maximize your existing patient relationships while improving their health through timely follow-ups, all while minimizing patient churn.

Maverick’s pre-built integration with PatientlySpeaking allows for a turnkey medical billing solution based around automation and simplicity. With PatientlySpeaking’s HIPPA-compliant software, which is also under the BAA, bundled with Maverick’s PCI-compliant processing, merchants don’t have to worry about all the different compliance requirements.