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Serving the needs of the community, non-profit organizations nationwide creates the backbone of what helps numerous people and firms for the better. This is why the team at Maverick recognizes the importance of providing a high level of service and a host of benefits to all types of non-profit organizations. Throughout our many years of being in the merchant services industry, Maverick has faithfully served the needs of numerous non-profit organizations including all of the following:

Churches. Churches are not merely places of worship. Across the country, around the world, churches are on the front lines of charitable efforts and outreach aimed at making their communities a better place to live. Church is not just a place to pray, it’s a place to get a hot meal, it’s a place where teens can go to stay out of trouble, a cornerstone of their communities.

Schools. It’s easy to forget how much money changes hands at schools. But you have the staff to worry about, you have contractors who fix the cracks in the parking lot and install new sinks in the restrooms and so on. Not to mention the snack bar, the bake sales, and on and on. That’s why we’re there to help.

Charities. “Charities” is a broad term. It can refer to anything from a local food drive to a multinational conglomeration of celebrities and philanthropists and business owners. We’re here to meet the needs from the smallest to the largest charities.

Medical Research Foundations. This is another field where you might forget how much money is changing hands. It’s not just paying researchers, it’s also paying volunteer experiment subjects, buying supplies, covering all of the associated legal fees and… well, it can be a logistical nightmare without the right people to help you make sense of it.

Religious Organizations. Not just churches, but missions, outreach programs and so on.

Hospitals. Running a hospital means being a full-time accountant. There’s a lot of number-crunching involved.

Libraries. “But aren’t the books free?” Sure, you can borrow the books for free, but besides late fees, it’s still run like a business in many ways. Not all books come from donations, you still have to pay staff and so on.

Trade Associations. The individuals involved in a trade association might not be non-profit, but the association itself usually is.

Community Organizations. Even very small community organizations can benefit greatly from merchant services.

Political Action Committees. Not just for elections, but for getting out the vote on propositions, to get petitions signed and so on. The political action involves a lot more than just driving people out to the polls every fourth November.

Societies. Clubs, historical preservation societies, artistic foundations and so on.

Awareness Organizations. Another very general, very broad term, and one that applies to hundreds of thousands of groups across the country.

Maverick offers many special benefits for non-profit organizations including:

Cutting-edge Equipment and Software. When you see non-profits in movies, everything generally looks a little shabby. Equipment is outdated, pipes are leaking and so on. The truth is that many non-profits do struggle to make ends meet. It’s not always easy devoting your life to making the world a better place. But, running you’re non-profit effectively does mean ensuring that you have all the tools to do so, and that includes having the right equipment. That’s why we work at making sure that you have access to everything you need to run your organization to the best of your abilities.

Wholesale Special Pricing Allowing For Maximum Use of Donations

As Part of the Special Interchange Costs from Visa/MasterCard for 501(c) merchants, Maverick utilizes:

Visa’s CPS/CHARITY CR interchange rate, and MasterCard’s CHARITYCREDIT INTERCHANGE rate.

Running any organization is hard work. You draw on multiple disciplines. If you’re a great baker, that’s awesome, but it’s not enough to run a bakery. How many of your favorite restaurants have gone out of business because the food was amazing, but the people running the place didn’t know how to operate a business? It’s not just being good at cooking, it’s not just knowing how to fix a car or where to find cool vintage clothes. Running a business demands some degree of ability at marketing, at finance and economics, you need people skills, you need sales skills and on and on. You might not need to be the greatest advertiser in the world to make it in your industry, but you at least have to know enough about advertising that you know a good pitch when you hear it, so that you’ll know how to hire the right people.

Running a non-profit is a lot like that, but with some extra complications: Your salary might not cover all of your expenses if you’re getting paid at all, and even if you’re successful, you don’t get to roll your earnings into a new business venture. Even if you work in non-profits for a living, it’s not the easiest way to run a career. It’s something that very giving, generous people devote themselves to. It’s not for journeymen, it’s not something that you can approach with a mercenary attitude, and it’s not always an easy sell to the people from whom you need support.

We get it, and we’ve got nothing but admiration for people who devote themselves to their faith, to their communities, to the well-being of others. We can’t make everything easier, but we can at least take some of the headaches out of the financial end of things. You don’t have time to sit there at the end of the day tallying up today’s receipts on a clipboard. You don’t want to stay up all night wondering if you took that customer’s information down correctly.

What you get with a payment processing service is simple: A lot of that tedious, mind-numbing stuff you’d have to do on a daily basis?

We automate it for you.

And the stuff that we can’t automate, we can help you out with through our 24/7 help desk. Call us anytime, any day of the year, and someone will pick up and do their best to get you through it, whatever your problem might be.

No matter what kind of organization you’re running, whether it’s a small business or a non-profit, efficiency is key. One way to achieve efficiency is by cutting corners. That’d bad enough when all you’re doing is selling coffee or used books. When your job is to make the world a better place, on the other hand, and you start cutting corners, then it becomes very hard to offer the kind of help you set out to offer in the first place. We aim to help you to run your organization more efficiently so that you don’t have to make those uncomfortable compromises.

When you sign up with Maverick Bankcard, we are not only your payment processor, but we are also your partner for as long as you’ll have us.

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