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Paraphernalia merchant account services offered by Maverick are industry-specific for the smoke shop industry. Due to paraphernalia businesses having a difficult time securing a reliable merchant account provider and payment processor, our unique program allows for both retail and online head shops. Businesses selling smoking accessories, also known as head shops, get scrutinized primarily due to “reputational” risk concerns as traditional banks and processors don’t want to be associated with a industry that is high-risk due to the products being sold. Maverick’s experience in the space and vast understanding of the industry allows us to satisfy the compliance and regulatory concerns are paraphernalia businesses to provide reliable, economical and integrated payment processing.


Paraphernalia Merchant Account Types

Wholesalers – Processing for the largest wholesale merchants in the smoke shop space has made Maverick a truly valuable payment processor for wholesalers in need of processing large ticket transactions coupled with fraud prevention tools. Aside from supporting the industry of smoking accessories, our unique approach also allows for large ticket transactions.

Retail – By working with not only some of the first, but also biggest brick & mortar smoke shop businesses, we have been a expert for several years. Interestingly enough, traditional banks and processors make exceptions when a transaction method is card-present; however, even retail (card-present) head shops can find it difficult to be approved with a merchant services provider.

eCommerce – With regulatory and banking scrutiny due to age verification requirements combined with “reputational” risk, card-not-present transactions have made it especially difficult for eCommerce paraphernalia merchants. All of our services, from our merchant account to payment gateway, are smoke-shop friendly, which can assure reliable and secure processing. We can also support additional product lines that run parallel with the smoke shop industry, such as e-cig, vape, and other related products. With seamless integration with shopping carts, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, our gateway compatibility allows for quick and easy synchronization.

By being a strong supporter of the head shop space, Maverick is a not only competitive payment processor, but one who will continue to back merchants operating in the industry.

Paraphernalia & Smoke Shop Product Types

Although we can cater to higher risk industries, such as merchants selling smoking-related products and accessories, our expertise is ensuring legal and compliant solutions. Our knowledge in the industry has allowed us to be a top payment processor for merchants in the head shop industry. Whether your smoke shop is selling pipes, bong, electronic cigarettes, vape products, tobacco or anything in between, we can assist!

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