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People are always surprised their first day on the job at a gas station. You’re processing hundreds of payments every single day. Even the more out-of-the-way gas stations and convenience stores out on dirt roads and in small towns might see a thousand transactions in a single 24 hour stretch. Gas stations are busy places, so precision is of the utmost importance. If you sell a few fine art pieces a month, it’s not hard to look through your books and figure out where you overcharged someone or where a payment didn’t go through. When you’re opening the cash register a hundred times in an hour, it’s a different story.

Gas stations and convenience stores are all about necessities and impulse buys. When someone is in the mood for a Coke and a bag of chips, why would they go all the way to the grocery store when there’s a convenience store a block away?

And selling gasoline and other necessities for the car generally brings in enough business that you could discontinue everything else you sell, and still have your hands full at work every day. It can be a little stressful at times, but you never have to worry when the next customer is coming in.

This is just to say that inconsistency is not an option. Nobody who runs a gas station or convenience store has the option of playing it fast and loose when it comes to payments. Payment processing has to be precise and consistent, it has to work every time, and you can’t go with a processor who gouges you with little nickel and dime fees at every opportunity. The right payment processor isn’t just a required service for a gas station, they’re also a partner for as long as you hope to run the business, someone you need to be able to rely upon.

If you are in the gas station and convenience store industry, you know how important a high-level payment system is to keep up with the high amount of sales. To deliver premium service, you need a card processing solution that offers quick authorizations, easy availability, and detailed reporting. As a leading petroleum merchant services provider for the independent petroleum and convenience store sector, we have the right products and services for your business to prosper.

The problem many gas station and convenience store owners face isn’t so much competition from similar businesses. How many times have you seen one gas station across the street from another? There are enough customers to go around. The problems come in the high volume of business. A PCI breach can bury a gas station in fines and penalties. A few errors at the cash register can result in a lawsuit. There’s just so much to keep track of, and it’s very difficult if you’re not partnered with the right people.

It can get even more complicated when you take into account pay-at-the-pump features and so on. With so many transactions being put through your system on any given day, every new customer is another opportunity for something to go wrong. No matter how well you try to keep tabs on everything, without the right payment processing system, one that you can truly rely on, it’s only a matter of time before something happens that winds up taking a lot of time, energy and money to correct.

We offer competitive pricing options and you can choose from our extensive payment services, including reliable point-of-sale (POS) credit card processing systems, kiosk processing, real-time access to transaction and batch history, and technical support. There’s a lot to worry about when processing debit and credit cards, but that’s why we’re here: We worry about it so that you don’t have to. You focus on running the best gas station you can run, and we’ll keep the cash flow running smoothly.

We know that no two businesses are the same, even in the same industry. So we have customized pricing guaranteed to save you money. We price based on your needs and the size, scope, and scale of your business. We also offer 24/7/365 support so that, should an issue arise, you’ll have someone to call to get you through it, any time of the day. When you have an issue with a payment, your customer probably wants to have it managed right then and there. They don’t want to wait until you can email them to come pick up their refund a week later. Gas stations are a real-time business, so we offer a real-time help desk. Whether it’s two in the afternoon or one in the morning, give us a call and someone will pick up.

And of course, we offer all of the cutting-edge equipment & software you expect, with high-level reporting, integration with leading pump providers such as Wayne, Verifone Ruby, Gilbarco and others and so on. Maverick offers best-in-class payment systems and merchant services for the petroleum and convenience store industry.

Fuel Cards –A fleet card is a payment card that helps businesses manage vehicle expenses, including fuel. Maverick’s fleet card merchant account services allow you to process major fleet credit cards, such as Voyager® and Wright Express®, seamlessly and quickly. The ability to accept fleet card payments improves customer convenience and increases sales.

AFD – Boost customer convenience, increase sales and improve service with AFD (Automated Fuel Dispenser) processing coupled with industry’s most competitive rates.

Security – Maverick offers PCI-compliant payment processing services that enhance pay at the pump and gas station credit card processing systems, so you can protect your customers and your business. Count on Maverick to maintain high levels of payment security to reduce your risk of credit card fraud and boost credibility by adhering to the strictest card data security requirements.

Our PCI provider offers up to $100k in breach coverage. You might never need it, but it’s good to know that you have that safety net in place just in case you do.

Bizlitix – As mentioned, a gas station usually doesn’t have to bend over backward to find customers. As long as people are driving, they’ll need gas, and since they don’t always have time to stop at a restaurant, you’re probably never going to watch your stock of snacks pass their expiration date. But, just because business is doing well doesn’t mean it couldn’t be doing better, and just because you have customers pouring in doesn’t mean they’re always having the best possible experience. That’s where analytics comes in.

Bizlitix, our analytics platform, allows you to look at a number of factors that will help you to provide the best customer experience in town. You can analyze competitor data, find out what they’re doing wrong, what they’re doing right, and how you can stay ahead of the game. You can look at data like hourly sales to find out when you’re doing most of your business. You can find out how effective your ad campaigns are and what people are saying about you online with Reputation Management.

If you build a gas station with four pumps and a soda machine, you’ll probably do enough business to get by. But is enough really enough? Even if you’ll never have to worry about keeping the lights on at your place of business, you could always take the extra step and create a gas station that people look forward to visiting. If you’ve been in the southeast and visited a Racetrack gas station, or you’ve ever explored one of those giant super-centers in New Mexico, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. There are gas stations that are simply a place to refuel, and gas stations that offer customers an oasis from the long, taxing experience of the commute and family road trips. Bizlitix lets you do what you do, but even better.

Find out why we’re the payment processing company for so many petroleum stations nationwide! When you sign up with Maverick, we’re not only your payment processor, but we’re also your partner for life. Start today so you can experience our impeccable service and grow your gas station!

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