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The restaurant industry is a tough game. We’ve all seen those shows where they go around helping bars and diners who have fallen on hard times, they fix everything up, they run promotions and improve the menu, and when they do the update a year later, the establishing has gone out of business, even after doing everything right. It’s not just ability, business savvy and a great menu that keeps a restaurant in the green, it also takes a bit of luck, and a whole lot of efficiency. A restaurant isn’t a cheap business to run, and even a successful restaurant can suffer serious setbacks when there are errors in the payment processing or bookkeeping. Indeed, more than a few restaurants have gone out of business simply because they didn’t do their due diligence in processing each transaction.

If you’re in the restaurant business, you know it’s all about providing exceptional customer service. Whatever else may be required to keep your restaurant in the black, the foundation of a winning restaurant is happy customers. Without that, it doesn’t really matter what else you’re doing. You can serve the very best cheeseburger in the world, but if your customers aren’t happy, then what’s the difference between that and some stale crackers? How many times have you had a great meal, only to have the whole experience ruined by a technical error when you went to pay the check? How many times have you stopped going to a restaurant or cafe that you loved because the servers keep double-charging you by accident?

Ensuring efficiency in the financial comings and goings of your business, that’s the engine that keeps your restaurant humming. You can’t run a restaurant without a good menu, you need a good location, you need strong atmosphere, that’s how you create happy customers. But underneath all of that, you need an efficient system in place to process payments and keep everything running smoothly. That is what facilitates all of those other things that make your business stand out from the pack.

Maverick is an economical and easy-to-use processing solution. We take every step required to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any of it, at all. This includes making it effortless for customers to pay and tip while employees can be efficient. At Maverick, we help support our merchants operating restaurants by keeping their customers happy with our flexible, fast, safe and secure restaurant credit and debit card processing solutions.  Our industry-leading payment processing technology works efficiently behind the scenes so you can offer many convenient payment options your customers will appreciate.

If you ask most merchants to list off some PCI regulations, they’ll draw a blank. That’s the way it should be! PCI regulations are a whole lot of fine print, a whole lot of lawyer speak that the typical restauranteur relies on in order to make safe credit card transactions, but it’s all a bunch of very dense, confusing text that can be difficult to understand for those outside of the credit card industry. You shouldn’t have to understand it, and you don’t, because at Maverick, we understand it for you, and we can offer up to $100k in breach protection should something go wrong.

That’s what payment processing services are all about: We worry about all that stuff so that you don’t have to.

Our merchant accounts for restaurants have the technological capability to provide tip-editing and individual server reporting. And if you’re worried that you’re going to have to replace all of the software that you’ve grown accustomed to using, you won’t: our systems also integrate with most major restaurant management systems. Our flexibility means we can build a system that works for your unique needs, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a franchise.

Seamless Integration – With Maverick’s back-end platform, we are able to support all major point-of-sale systems including Aloha, Micros, ShopKeep, BreadCrumb, NCR Silver, Dinnerware, Revel, TouchBistro, Pixel, Aldelo, Pioneer POS, Agilysys, Focus, Lavu, and more!

Late Batch Cut-off – Maverick offers an exceptionally late cut-off for merchants to batch helping cash flow tremendously, especially for restaurant closing late at night. With an 11 pm EST cut-off for qualified merchants, our clients are no longer restricted by payment delays.

Bizlitix – Just about any business in the world can benefit greatly from using analytics. It’s not just about improving business, it’s also about creating a better experience for your customers, whether they’re visiting you for the first time or they come here every weekend.Bizlitix is our analytics platform, with a whole host of features to help you get the most out of your business and create the best possible experience for those who support you.

  • Reputation Management. We all hate reading reviews, right? Too many people out there will post a bad review just because they were having a lousy day. Too many people will go to a Chinese restaurant and complain that you didn’t have French fries. There’s no accounting for these reviewers. But, there are also reviews that point you to problems that need to be managed, reviews that can actually help you improve your business and your income. These reviews aren’t always easy to read, they can sting, but once that wears off, and you address the issues they bring up, you might feel like sending them a gift basket for letting you know why nobody was ordering your chocolate pie.
  • Maverick Analytics. You’re sitting on a goldmine of useful data. Maverick Analytics lets you put it to work for you. This is how you can figure out who your customers are, what demographics they represent and how you might be able to improve your income by tweaking your marketing or switching up the atmosphere a bit. For instance, if your customers are mostly baby boomers, then they’re probably not interested in the pop music you play on the sound system. Study your analytics and you’ll be able to find a better way of doing business.
  • Competitor analysis. What are the other guys in your town doing? Sometimes you may find that you’re falling behind, that your competitors are bringing in big business by advertising their new gluten-free menu, and in cases like those, it might not always be a bad idea to just borrow a page from their playbook. In other instances, it might be wiser to go the opposite direction.

So they’re trying to be more vegetarian-friendly?

Well if you run a steakhouse, there’s really no reason for you to follow their lead on that one, but you can make it a point to be the most carnivore-friendly restaurant in town. That’s just one example, the point is that competitor analytics can let you know where your competitors are beating you, and where they’re falling short. And it’s up to you whether you want to play catch-up or go off in a completely different direction.

  • Online analytics. How is your website performing? Are people buying gift certificates or booking reservations through the site? Are people using the site at all? Even a small local restaurant relies heavily on online marketing these days, and online analytics can show you what’s working and what isn’t, from search engine optimization to email marketing campaigns.

Maverick will empower your business with the technology, hardware and software, 24/7 technical support, and personalized solutions needed to keep your customers coming back. Apply Today so you can experience our impeccable service and have our experienced merchant account specialists answer any questions you may have!

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