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Alternative processing solutions are always a great tool for merchants because a variety of payment methods attract more customers and increase sales. ACH and check processing is a great solution for merchants as it typically adds an additional 15-20% of processing volume when customers have ability to pay via ACH and check in addition to credit and debit card. Maverick offers numerous ACH and check processing solutions for merchants whether they sell online, by mail/phone (MOTO), or retail for face-to-face transactions.

Retail processing – Point-of-sale conversion provides merchants the tools needed to safely accept and process checks electronically at the point of sale, just like a credit card. Using a check reader or an imager connected to a credit card terminal, merchants can easily process and deposit checks without making a trip to the bank.

eCommerce – Electronic check (e-check) processing is great for eCommerce and other customer-not present transaction businesses. With seamless integration and support by the Maverick Gateway combined with verification tools to help cut down & identify high-risk transactions and online reporting to easily reconcile, e-check processing is a great payment method for e-commerce businesses. For merchants not operating a eCommerce website but needing to process check-not present transactions, our bill pay solutions are a great solution for merchants needing to process check sales without the need to have the consumer present.

Maverick’s eCheck Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing services allow you to accept electronic check payments, increase sales and reduce the costs associated with paper check processing.

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