Contacting your patient is the first step in collecting money, but how do you know if your message is having the best results? Maverick’s partner Patiently Speaking offers an array of services to help facilitate automation for your practice. From appointment setting and reminders to automated courtesy calls with the option to take payments via phone and text, our bundled program will help your accounts receivable significantly. With our Analytic page, you can see in actual, real-time numbers the results being generated by our service. If the number of clients taking action seems a little low, try tweaking the message and then monitor the results. Or view which day or hour is generating the best results and increase the number of calls made during that time frame.

Maverick’s bundled program with Patiently Speaking includes:

  • Appointment setting and reminders
  • Patient A/R courtesy calls coupled with our patient A/R platform
  • Real-time data
  • Cutting-edge software
  • Integration with numerous billing companies and software providers due to our easy API
  • Payment options include by text, phone, face-to-face, or via our virtual terminal
  • Recurring payment options

If your practice is looking to help increase revenue with our cutting-edge technology, which helps automate your practice through our technology making your business more efficient, contact us today!