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Bizlitix: business analytics sophisticated enough for comprehensive insight yet simple to understand allowing it to be actionable. Business analytics have become an extremely valuable tool to understand one’s business, including their customers, competitors, market, and more. This allows the ability to make better business decisions, focus on strengths and improve weaknesses, understand customers, know the competition, and in turn, grow. Bizlitix is a proprietary technology platform that focuses on business analytics. With different correlating business factors, we take the most imperative moving parts of a business into one platform, all with considering the revenue via payment processing from Maverick. Use Bizlitix to drive revenue and customer satisfaction from new and returning customers while staying ahead of competition and knowing not your only industry better then anyone, but your actual business.

Who are your customers?

Easily find and target your most valuable, high-spending and returning customers. Learn more about your customers, their profiles, and better understand them.

How does your revenue fluctuate?

Track revenue changes & analyze fluctuations over time, because of weather, events, and holidays. Compare to other trends to make smarter business decisions.

What are the correlating factors?

Learn about the factors impacting your business, such as competition, your online presence, customer profiles, card processing statistics, and other business analytics.

With our proprietary platform and integrated partners, we are able to leverage numerous tools for additional business analytics. Compare crucial payment processing data to important things like your online reviews, site traffic, and more. Some additional tools offered include:

Maverick Analytics – Learn what hours are most popular for card sales, who your returning customers are, revenue trends derived from card statistics, card types such as business or personal, how declined sales can turn into successful ones, and more.

Reputation Management – With integration to Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter, easily manage online reviews and what your customers are saying.

Site analytics – View visitors, traffic sources, gender and age of your audience, along with top viewed pages and top countries.

Competitor analytics – Easily review your competitor’s website to see their keywords, organic traffic, Adwords budget, and more.

Local competitors – Quickly search local competitors based on keyword and location along with seeing what their customers are saying.

Keyword research – Review keywords and organic monthly clicks and volume along with SEO difficulty and other important keyword-related factors.

Site heatmap – Understand how your visitors engage with your website so you can boost sales, traffic, and conversions.

Site audit – Analyze your website to see a detailed breakdown of your website’s search engine friendliness.

Page speed – Test your website’s speed to enhance and quicken to make more search engine friendly.

With Bizlitix, manage end-to-end business analytics by leveraging different data to grow your business, both in person and online. Our technology utilizes powerful data and analytics in a simplified manner so all businesses can benefit, from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies.


As an online marketer and eCommerce entrepreneur, analytics around website traffic, revenue cycles, and other pertinent data has made Bizlitix an extremely powerful tool for me to personally grow my business. The analytics are complex in a way where I can grasp a detailed understanding yet displayed simply so I can actually see how it pertains to my business to make smarter decisions. – Terry M

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