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Maverick provides secure gift and loyalty cards for your business, regardless of the size, from single-store mom-and-pop shops to on-the-move, 100+ location franchises. We can help your business take advantage of the many cash generating, brand loyalty, advertising and promotion benefits of what has become the most rapidly-growing (and fun to use) merchant product of all time. Gift and loyalty cards act as a miniature “billboard” in your customer’s wallet, and works simply by debiting pre-paid balances as the card is used – encouraging repeat visits and limiting cash refunds. You can track sales, manage purchases securely, and get rid of those outdated paper gift certificates!

Gift cards – Gift cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide merchants an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our high quality gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and when redeemed. And since most consumers spend more than the amount on the card, merchants enjoy the additional profit. Use gift cards to promote sales events, new products, and new locations. With online reporting and tailored solutions, we have you covered.

Loyalty programs – Our loyalty and reward card solutions give customers the opportunity to accumulate dollars, reward points, or a percentage back in a merchant’s store or business. Predetermine reward or point levels to drive business, build a strong rapport with new customers, and to keep existing customers coming back. Consumers appreciate being rewarded and earning something back on their purchases.

As many companies are already aware, gift and loyalty cards for your business are an inexpensive way to build your business organically, and Maverick has the tools to make it possible. Gift and loyalty cards boost cash fl ow, consumer spending and repeat visits. Gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and when redeemed. With most consumers spending over their initial card balance, you can enjoy the additional profit and increased sales. Loyalty cards drive repeat business by creating incentives for shoppers. Use gift and loyalty cards to promote new products, new locations, special events and sales.

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