How well do you know your clients? The answer to this question holds the key to growing your business. Maverick Analytics is a proprietary technology platform that transforms credit and debit card transactional data into valuable consumer analytics to identify your customers. Monitor your business so you can make smarter decisions about marketing, operations, and employee management. Use Maverick Analytics to drive revenue and customer satisfaction from new and returning customers.

Who are your best customers?

Easily find and target your most valuable, high-spending and returning customers.

How does revenue change & fluctuate?

Track revenue changes & analyze fluctuations over time, because of weather, events, and holidays.

What is your detailed payment processing statistics?

Processing broken down by card brand, card type, customer type, transaction amounts and volume.

With our exclusive partnership with Global Technology, we are able to leverage their tools for additional merchant analytics. Compare crucial payment processing data to important things like your online reviews, site traffic, and compare to events in your area. With GT, we offer additional tools such as:

Reputation Management – With integration to Facebook, Yelp and Twitter, easily manage online reviews and what your customers are saying.

Site analytics – View visitors, traffic sources, gender and age of your audience, along with top viewed pages, and top countries.

Competitor analytics – Easily review your competitor’s website to see their keywords, organic traffic, Adwords budget, and more.

Local competitors – Quickly search local competitors based on keyword and location along with seeing what their customers are saying.

Keyword research – Review keywords and organic monthly clicks and volume along with SEO difficulty and other important keyword-related factors.

Site heatmap – Understand how your visitors engage with your website so you can boost sales, traffic, and conversions.

Site audit – Analyze your website to see a detailed breakdown of your website’s search engine friendliness.

Page speed – Test your website’s speed to enhance and quicken to make more search engine friendly.

Easy DIY website builder – Build a beautiful, responsive website easily with template-based DIY platform.

With Maverick Analytics and GT, manage end-to-end business and customer insights by leveraging different data to grow your business, both in person and online.