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Maverick’s exclusive partnership with Patiently Speaking allows us to offer our merchants a suite of different services with seamless payment integration. Patiently Speaking offers an array of services to help facilitate automation for your practice. From appointment setting and reminders to automated courtesy calls with the option to take payments via phone and text, our bundled program will help your accounts receivable significantly. With our analytic page, you can see in actual, real-time numbers the results being generated by our service. If the number of clients taking action seems a little low, try tweaking the message and then monitor the results, or view which day or hour is generating the best results and increase the number of calls made during that time frame. Needless to say, our program will help automate your practice and help with customer satisfaction and increasing profit!

ERA processing – Evaluate and post every ERA the day it arrives with auto-post and problem-free ERAs. Easily modify rules to increase system throughput to help automate your practice.

  • Patient A/R – Provide a consistent approach to collections with automated processes controlled by easily modified rules to increase system effectiveness. Achieve a 20% increase in overall revenue while a 40% reduction in staff support. The system will automatically initiate calls or texts, eliminating the need for your staff to initiate that action with the ability to add a self-pay option for patients.
  • Appointments – Most missed appointments occur because they are forgotten. PatientlySpeaking addresses this problem by providing a powerful appointment reminder service that ties directly into your PM or EHR system or we receive your appointment schedules via secure email. Calls & texts have been shown to be the most effective with the majority of the population. With our approach, you can choose which of these options work for your patients. And while our system is automated, you can record the message you want delivered if you so choose. The statistics show that only about 35% of all calls are actually answered by a person so using your staff to make all of those calls is not the most effective use of their time. Even with reminders, 2 of your patients just did not show up today.  You did everything right.  For whatever reason, they just did not show up.  That’s where PatientlySpeaking can work for you. Every practice is effected by the dreaded “No Show”. Your time is valuable and when a patient fails to show up for an appointment as scheduled, there is little or no chance to fill that spot on a moments notice. Reminders have proven to be the most efficient way to get your patients to show up. The system will either call or text the “missing” patient and offer to connect them and make a new appointment.  Many times, the patient has had an unexpected problem and just could not make it.  Often they are embarrassed and just won’t call.  Our process makes it easy for them to get back on the schedule and you can get the revenue back in your pocket.  All of this with minimal office staff impact – they simply handle the call to re-schedule the patient.
  • Patient Payment Processing – With Maverick’s payment solution integrated to PatientlySpeaking, our merchants benefit from patient self-pay via phone or through text messages. Practices can also use our virtual terminal along with a physical point-of-sale whether the patient is present or not. For those on a payment plan, our automatic recurring payments allow for customized recurring billing.

If your practice is looking to help increase revenue with our cutting-edge technology, which helps automate your practice through our technology making your business more efficient, contact us today!

From Brian C, CEO of PatientlySpeaking

Our partnership with a quality company like Maverick BankCard ensures that a patient’s private information is securely handled, from the point of receiving the text to the end result of paying their bills. Because we are dealing with not only HIPPA compliance, which PatientlySpeaking has several years of experience with, but also with PCI compliance – due to credit card information – we wanted to partner with a company that has as much PCI experience as we do in HIPAA – hence the reason we choose Maverick BankCard!

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