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Business nowadays is all about speed, accessibility, and security. Nowhere are these more important than in your payment gateway. You need to be able to work fast as a merchant, whether online or at a good old-fashioned brick and mortar shop. On top of that, you also need adaptability, versatility. You don’t know what’s in every customer’s wallet. You don’t know what cards they’re carrying or how they prefer to pay. So you need to prepare. You don’t want to lose a sale because you don’t accept a certain type of payment.

The payment gateway is the foundation of a versatile, fast business, one that can adapt to the customer’s needs. At the end of the day, the customer really is right. You don’t need to bow to every single buyer’s demands, but they’re the ones who decide whether they’re going to buy from you or somebody else. So, as far as their own experience goes, they’re always right. Maybe someday you’ll be the name in your industry and customers will go to greater lengths to make sure they shop with you over someone else, but not even Amazon can command that sort of market share yet.

Payment Gateways provide the interface between your website shopping cart, CRM or third party billing component and your merchant account. The Maverick Gateway integrates with over 100 shopping carts, CRM systems, and software programs. eCommerce processing requires a secure and reliable payment gateway, and the Maverick Gateway offers unparalleled capabilities. Gateways provide advanced payment capabilities for large companies, as well as robust but simple payment solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

In the name of serving every customer at every business, the Maverick Gateway offers numerous solutions, including:


Security is a top priority but shouldn’t be your concern. We offer numerous tools for security and fraud prevention. For card storage, easily store card data using our easy tokenization. This allows you to store card numbers for future use without the burden of actual full card management as we will tokenize it in our vault. When it comes to fraud prevention, we have a suite of fraud tools to help proactively avoid fraudulent sales. With BIN blocking, velocity checks, AVS and CVV filtering, and geographical restrictions, we have you covered.


Our gateway is all about value add to make your job easier to run your business. With numerous bank office tools, our features make processing much more streamlined. With tools such as recurring billing and electronic invoicing, you can get paid quicker. With QuickBooks® integration, easily sync and avoid double data entry. B2B and B2G merchants are set for level 2 and 3 processing as our gateways allows for extended data allowing for lower interchange qualifications. With batch processing, easily upload thousands of sales to process quickly and efficiently. Our Product Manager tool provides merchants with a unified product database that they can use to enter and manage product SKUs of frequently sold items for quick recall at checkout for Virtual Terminal transactions.


Easily integrate to hundreds of shopping carts, CRMs, and other 3rd party systems. Linking a merchant’s website to our payment gateway has never been easier thanks to our QuickClick shopping cart solution. It enables your business to quickly and easily integrate your website to the payment gateway by utilizing our native payment gateway shopping cart solution. Our mobile APIs give merchants full customization and control over accepting payments within their mobile applications and software, including Apple Pay in-app transactions using your own iOS mobile application(s). Click here for our API docs and integration portal.


Our powerful tools for card-present merchants are suitable for both mobile and brick & mortar storefronts. Brick and mortar merchants can use our SwIPe Point-of-Sale application along with the compatible card readers to start accepting card present payments. For mobile merchants on the go, easily process with our iProcess application made for Apple and Android devices. Easily accept credit and debit card payments on your phone or tablet no matter what your location.


PCI Compliance: What It Is And Why It Matters

Studying PCI regulations and making sure that you’re compliant is our job. Make no mistake, PCI regulations are serious business. Non-compliance can get a business shut down. Best case scenario you’re going to ruin your reputation with the public. PCI compliance is one of the most important things to stay out of trouble in your business. You can manage PCI compliance with a team of lawyers and experts, or you can let our team handle it for you, and if, on the off-chance, something does go wrong, we offer a robust insurance package to make sure you’re covered no matter what.

None of this matters if our users aren’t satisfied, so before we let you go, check out what our customers are saying…

Customer Review: Mark C, Owner of Chapparone Auto Body

As a busy small business owner taking the time to get to things like merchant services isn’t easy. I was referred to Maverick and Ben stayed in contact with me and my office manager during the entire process. He was able to save us a considerable amount of money over our current processor (my bank, who I thought I could trust) and he even provided new (and free!) terminals. Ben is very knowledgable and patient and we really appreciated all of his help during the set up period. More importantly, his service after the sale has been impeccable, which is something many companies fail miserably at. Thank you Ben for all your help and thank you Maverick for the savings and service!

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