Maintaining accurate customer payment card data is one of the greatest and most costly concerns facing merchants today when accepting recurring payments. When transactions on these accounts fail, cardholders can be inconvenienced and may terminate their relationship, potentially resulting in lost revenue, lost sales and jeopardized customer loyalty.

Account updater from Maverick allows users to proactively refresh stored cardholder data, by receiving updated card-on-file account data. By delivering uninterrupted service, merchants are likely to increase revenue and improve customer retention. This means no matter when the billing cycle takes place, card numbers, expiration dates and account statuses will be current. Up-to-date billing information can be provided as frequently as needed – even daily.

Account updater provides a variety of features, including:

  • Customization on account setup and reporting frequency
  • Flexibility on how card updates are managed
  • User friendly interface
  • Electronic enrollment
  • Access to all card brands

The end result can yield overall reduced costs, fewer declines, increased customer satisfaction and retained business. Contact Maverick today for more information!