Clearing Things Up: Vape Pens Explained

Clearing Things Up: Vape Pens Explained

Numerous people remain leery of a vape pen, yet this device is actually fairly simple. The pen works to heat a substance to a temperature that will change the substance into vapor. For example, cannabis must reach between 300 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve this goal, as this is what transforms the substances into the minuscule airborne droplets that create the smoke or vapor.

The vape pen uses a heating element run by a battery to cook the substance to the desired temperature and does so by mixing the oil, e-liquid, or herbs with another substance, often propylene glycol, to decrease the viscosity. Individuals usually don’t stop to think about how the vape pen was invented or how it works, but some do wish to know what transforms the substance into a vapor. For those that do, this information will be of great help in answering these questions.

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Who Created the Vape Pen

Hon Lik, a Chinese inventor and pharmacist, created the first modern pen of this type. High-frequency ultrasonic vibration was used in the pen to convert a liquid to a gas, and this process has been patented. Fortunately, most vape pens used today don’t make use of ultrasonic vibration, instead relying on a simple heater to complete the conversion process. The pen consists of numerous components to achieve this goal.

Every vape pen operates with either a tank or a cartridge. Cartridges may be used one time only, while tanks are refillable. Tanks come in glass, stainless steel, and polycarbonate plastic, with the plastic versions being the most common. In addition to the tank, the pen includes an atomizer or heater that converts the liquid to gas. In fact, people should technically call vaping atomizing, as that is what is actually being done.

Certain atomizers contain a polyfill material to ensure the atomizer remains saturated with oil provided by a separate tank, and these are referred to as cartomizers. Clearomizers, in contrast, make use of a separate tank for the oil, and this oil is dripped onto the atomizer with the help of a silica wick. Some versions now offer premium wicks, such as those made using steel mesh or cotton.

How Do They Work?  Vape Pens Explained

Vape pens also make use of sensors and software. The sensors will either active the pen when the user inhales or will toggle the heating element any time a button is pushed. Software within the device controls the different parts of the pen.

All pens also contain a battery capable of heating the substance to the desired temperature in seconds. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are standard on these devices, as they are known for their high energy density. Furthermore, there is little risk of the battery exploding in the event it is not charged properly. When choosing a vape pen, look at the milliamp hours or mAh. This provides information about the life of the battery. The higher the mAh rating, the less frequently it will need to be charged.

As there are numerous devices available today, users often wonder which one best meets their needs. The battery life is the main concern to many individuals, yet others are more interested in how the device is to be charged. Does it make use of a micro-USB connector or a proprietary charger? For people who are on the go a great deal of the time, the micro-USB connector is usually preferred. This is due to a large number of charging options available for devices of this type.

Consider the amount of vapor desired. Direct-lung devices produce a normal amount of vapor, while mouth-to-lung devices offer a user the opportunity to blow extremely large clouds. Determine which substances will be used with the device also, as some pens are designed for use with oils, others with e-liquids, and certain ones are for use with dry herbs. There are also pens that may be used with any of these substances.

Regardless of which device is selected, users find there are numerous benefits associated with a vape pen. First and foremost, the pen offers an easy way to try vaping without spending a great deal of money. The pen makes vaping convenient, especially when a user is on the go, and there are countless e-liquid flavors to choose from. In fact, many people now choose to mix products or create their own flavors for their personal use in addition to using the pen for cannabis oil.

The pens are rechargeable, and this helps to save a user money in the long term. In addition, vape pens are very discreet. Some vaporizers produce huge clouds of smoke. This isn’t an issue when a vape pen is used, thus individuals find it can be utilized in a number of places where other devices would be banned.

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Vape Pen Transformation

Vape pens have come a long way over the years. They no longer have a short battery life or produce only minimal amounts of vapor. Try a number of devices to determine which best meets your needs. If doing so is an issue, don’t hesitate to ask employees of the preferred vape shop for advice. They can be of great help in narrowing down the available options. Be sure to read reviews of the various products also, as no one knows what each pen is capable of better than those who are currently using the devices or have done so in the past.

As more people turn to vaping, the number of devices and flavors of e-liquids and oils will only increase. Don’t fall into a rut. Be willing to experiment with new flavors and substances. Those who do so find they get more enjoyment out of this activity.