The World of Vaping and E Juice Popularity

The World of Vaping and E Juice Popularity

Vaping is a tobacco-free, sometimes nicotine-free representation of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. Since there is no actual smoke when vaping, the term smoking is not often used, even though the feeling a person gets from vaping is the same. Vaping simply creates a water vapor through a device replicating actual smoking. However, it is tobacco-free, doesn’t create the odor of a tobacco cigarette, and reduces virtually all of the health risks associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. The electronic vaping device is usually refillable and rechargeable for continued use.

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Benefits of Vaping over Smoking Traditional Cigarettes

The number one reason most people opt for e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) use is to terminate the smoking of tobacco products. Some of the benefits of vaping as opposed to tobacco are:

  • Lower chance of suffering from smoke-related illnesses including cancer
  • No presence of dirty ashtrays, smelly clothing and hair, or the tobacco stench which hangs around the home or car
  • More cost-effective than buying cigarettes in the long run
  • No bad breath or stained teeth
  • Vaping is allowed in some places where traditional tobacco cigarette smoking is banned
  • There are a variety of flavors of e juice (liquids for the e-cigarettes) available to make the vaping experience attractive and enjoyable

Those that vape, have reportedly demonstrated that they feel healthier, have more energy, and have been able to greatly reduce the use of tobacco cigarettes or given them up altogether.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

The cartridge of the e-cig is filled with e-liquid or e-juice. The atomizer in the cartridge contains a heating element which heats the liquid. The element is basically a thin metallic coil which is activated by the battery power of the device. When a user inhales on the mouthpiece, the battery heats up the coil, a cotton wick absorbs the e juice from the cartridge which then comes in contact with the coil. The e-juice then converts to a vapor. The vapor is inhaled into the lungs of the user and then exhaled.

What is in the E-Juice?

What exactly is being inhaled through each vape drag?

E-juice is made up of five main ingredients:

  • vegetable glycerin which makes up between 80 to 90 % of the e-juice
  • propylene glycol mixed with the vegetable glycerin to create the e-juice base
  • food-grade flavors which are numerous and delicious
  • nicotine which can range from 0% to 2.4% (the user chooses the amount of nicotine desired)
  • possibly distilled water

New to Vaping? Begin with a Starter Kit

There are a number starter kits available for the newbie. When deciding which kit to purchase consider the following advice:

  • A vape device or e-cigarette which is affordable. The cost for different devices varies, so beginning with an affordable device which offers a guarantee for customer satisfaction is a plus. Some e-cigs offer warranties as well in case something goes wrong with the device. If the user is not happy with the device, he or she should be able to return it and keep looking for the one that is more satisfying.
  • The device should be easy to use. If the user is constantly having difficulty operating the e-cigarette, then interest in using it may diminish and the possibility of resorting back to traditional cigarettes is possible.
  • A beginning user should be able to choose several different flavors of e juice to find the few that are a good match for the user. Some starter kits allow the ordering of a few samples to allow the user to get an idea of flavors. Fortunately, the e-liquids are not expensive. Trial and error allows the user to find the best matches.

Keeping the Power

One question to keep in mind when a person begins vaping is, “How often will I be vaping?” The answer to that question will be a good determination of which battery to purchase to get the most vapes in a day’s use. Aside from purchasing an extra battery or a larger one, utilizing a USB charger or car charger may be the right answer to keeping the e-cig charged and ready to go. Compare it to a cellular device. When it gets low, charge it. Then, it’s ready to go no matter what size battery the user has. After working with the e-cig, the user will easily determine how many times he or she can vape before needing to recharge.

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Cost-Effectiveness of Vaping

The cost of cigarettes is always on the rise. Depending on the location of tobacco purchases, the prices can range anywhere from $6.00 to almost $13.00 a pack. Each pack contains twenty cigarettes. A single ml of e-juice is the equivalent to 1/2 pack of cigarettes. If a ten ml bottle of e-liquid is about $7.00, then the user is going to save a lot of money compared to purchasing cigarettes. The pros far outweigh the cons when purchasing flavorful e-juice which simulates the smoking habit. Money not spent on tobacco products can be better spent in other ways, including stocking up and experimenting with new e-juice flavors.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is the better choice over tobacco use because it offers a variety of flavors as opposed to the not-so-great flavor of tobacco. It costs less to use and offers better overall health benefits for the user as well as those who are around him or her. Finally, it is becoming more socially acceptable as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.