Womply Review – Alternative Platforms

Womply Review – Alternative Platforms

Are you a business owner looking to expand yet simplify your business?

Is your business new, small to medium sized?


Trust us, we know running a business is hard work, the work doesn’t end at 5 pm Monday through Friday, the clock is always running and there aren’t enough hours in the day it seems. And that is why Womply is here to help. Womply has designed products and created solutions made for any and all types of business owners who are looking to expand, protect, and simplify their business by using tools, unique data, and technology.

Want to know more?

We gotcha covered – Well, technically they do, so today we are here to introduce the Womply review. Womply is a company that makes running your business easier. In fact, they are currently serving over 100,000 small business across the nation.

No matter your business type – their solutions will address all of your needs such as; business analytics, reputation management, advertising, marketing, document & password management, customer service communications, better customer understanding, customer retention,

Sound pretty cool, huh?

Let’s dive a little further into the womply review and how it can help you and your business…

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How Can Womply Help You?

Womply’s platform gives you access to their software tools, technology, and data at the drop of a hat to take the excess stress out of your life… Let them do the work. Womply has a database of over 4 million merchants spanning 450 business verticals. They have partnerships with many of America’s largest credit card processors which gives them a unique look into the spending patterns and behaviors of consumers. That unique and proprietary data is not only used for analyses like those seen in their blog posts but it also drives the analytics products that help SMB (small/medium) owners grow, protect, and simplify their businesses.

Womply is PCI DSS Level One compliant (the highest bar for payment data security). Read more about their data here.

Womply’s Products/Tools

Womply aims for better results, more customer knowledge, and easy to use technology all in less time. These products were designed to help make your life easier while your business runs smoother. Let’s have a look at a few cool features offered on their platform:

Insight Overview-

  •  Monitor your business so you can make smarter decisions about marketing, operations, and employee management. Use Insights to drive revenue and customer satisfaction from new and returning customers.
  •  Get your most important business questions answered and take action
  •  Acquire customers that spend more money and visit frequently. Retain customers that are your 
  •  Plan for seasonalities in marketing and staffing.
  •  Monitor competitors and improve your marketing and customer satisfaction ratings.
  •  Use feedback to improve customer service. Build a community of fans by engaging in online 
conversations with your customers.
  •  Target your promotions and offers in neighborhoods that matter the most.

Insight Key Features-

  •  Analyze your revenue, online reputation, market, and website health
  •  Search card transactions for one or more of your business locations
  •  Read customer reviews from sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, 
and Open Table
  •  Use the key metrics calculator to compare your revenues to your expenses such as wages, rent, 
and advertising
  •  Compare your revenue and online reputation to similar businesses nearby
  •  Receive email alerts when your customers rate your business online or your revenues seem low 
compared to prior weeks or months

Customer Directory

  • Customer Director holds all your customer’s records in the same place. Convenient !

Build customer profiles-

-Turn your credit card transaction data into a customer database that grows and evolves as you learn more about your patrons.

Know your customers better-

-Gain better visibility into your patrons by viewing transaction history, spending frequency, and how often they visit your location.

Target your best patrons

-Understand the impact and spending habits of your top customers to increase loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Customer Directory Key Features-

  •  Top Customers: dig into your 100 best customers based on spending and visits, and get to know 
your regulars
  •  Spend Profile: see spend activity, transaction history, and total spend for each customer
  •  Spend Pattern: see the ebbs and flows in a patron’s transaction history with your business at a 

Customer Engagement Features

  • Customer engagement allows you to get repeat visits to your site with automated email 
campaigns, etc.
  •  Automatically send emails that welcome new customers, thank customers for a recent visit, send holiday reminders, request a review, suggest they make a reservation, and more
  •  Increase return visits by automatically sending the right message at the right time to your customers
  •  Make your business more attractive to new customers by keeping your online reviews fresh and frequently updated
  •  Receive weekly and monthly summary emails to see how your automated emails are performing

BizShield –

The Biz Shield feature will help you protect your business at all times. You will receive detailed alerts to your mobile device, allows you to manage your response, and even alert you when a threat is detected such as a bad online review. Pretty sweet!

Womply Key Features

  •  Biz Shield ensures your business information is accurate so customers can find you when they search online
  •  Be alerted when you get a new review online. A team of experts will help you manage the response properly
  •  You’ll be alerted when your competition makes changes to their hours of operation, marketing, and more
  •  They’ll let you know when they detect national or local changes in your business category that you should know about

These are just a few of the products/tools that Womply has to offer you and your business. For the full detailed list of features click here. 
Keep in mind, all you need to do to access all of this cool and helpful info is simply log into your computer, mobile device or tablet – easy as pie!

We like that. 

Womply Alternative Platforms

Womply is a decent system but there are more comprehensive platforms out there.

Introducing Bizlitix.com

Powerful Business Analytics

Know Your Customers, Competitor And More Importantly, Your Own Business Better Than Anyone

 Introducing Bizlitix.com

Bizlitix Features

  • Customer Insight: Understand and know your most frequent customers, how often and what they purchase, what kind of customers they are, and more.
  • Competitor Research: Know your competitors, what keywords they target, how they market, industry averages, and more.
  • Revenue Analytics: Revenue – the most important factor of a business. We derive data from your payment processing to compare to your reviews, traffic, customer types, competitors, trends, and more. As a full-service payment processor, we have a competitive advantage as we are able to derive crucial payment processing data for our merchants that other technology companies can’t access.
  • Business Data: With extensive integrations, our data allows your business to research, track, and manage data that impacts your business, which allows you to make better business decisions.
  • Reputation Manager: Track and manage online reviews, whether good or bad, to ensure your online reputation remains flawless.
  • Correlating Factors: We help analyze different factors a business gets impacted by, such as website analytics, reviews, customer types, competition and more, to your revenue. With enhanced data and additional integrations on our roadmap, Bizlitix will only continue to become more enhanced and valuable to your business for making key decisions, understanding your industry, knowing your customers, researching your competition, and more.

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While Womply’s platform sounds great, we did do a little background research and we gathered some mixed reviews on them. As always, we provide you with real researched information in our reviews and suggest you make the final decision. Feel free to give it a go and let us know how things get going! If you decide you are looking for another more comprehensive option check out MaverickBankCard.com.

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